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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am the most stubborn child of Sai Baba. Everytime I commit mistake. Baba when will You come to my house? I am seriously strangled between my financial issues and my relationship. Nothing is going smooth in my life. I am now sick and tired of everything. I want to end my life, living alone and managing things all alone now I have come to a saturation point.

I don’t have anyone in my family. All left their heavenly abode early. Only Baba is my family. He is everything for me. I have many experiences. But now I feel Baba is not listening to me. All my money is spent like water. I have hardly any money in my account. The boy I met through site for marriage is now showing unwillingness. Although it was some of his attitude that I disliked and I messaged him. Due to this he started showing attitude. He told that he loved me and I believed him. Then he talked to me rudely. He spoke about another girl. When I told him to stop then he said that all that was a joke. Then he asked for 10 days time.

He does not reply to my message and also does not talk to me. My money is also spent on going to his place. I believed him and confirmed tickets that was beyond my capacity thinking that I am finally getting married, so no problem. But this behaviour of his is a setback for me especially when my financial position is not sound. With no one I only earn for myself. Most of my money has been spent due to foolishness. If he was not willing to marry then why he said he loves me and played with my feelings. Why is Baba letting all this happen? Why is Baba not changing his thinking? It is all about past karmas and one’s own deed that things happen and people suffer? But Baba please guide me, protect me. I do not want to break relations with him. I want to marry him. Baba please help me. Please come Baba and please help me. I do not want anything but Your support. Baba please help. Baba please come as my saviour. You have always helped me this time also please help. Baba please come. Baba Please Protect me – I Need You. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

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Pooja Garg
Pooja Garg
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  1. Dear devotee,

    Baba is testing your faith and patience towards him. He will delay but not deny you. Keep praying and increase your faith. You will see miracles in your life.

  2. Leave that unstable cheater man n god will find you a very good husband … just pray … focus on ur career…living alone is also fun …. sai will help u when ur time comes ..

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