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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Daughter of Sai Appa from Bangalore India. I want to live and die at His lotus feet. Hetal ji it’s a wonder service by you. Hats off to you and your blog.

Sai Appa did wonders in my life. I write Sainamavali. I don’t know how many notebooks I would have completed. Whenever I start one notebook I used to write my wish in the front page and start writing His name. Whatever I wish for, Sai Appa fulfilled that. I wished for one own flat near His temple which He gave us near His temple, career growth, personal growth and a car too. He is also protecting our marriage and helping financially. Just one or it would not have happened. But from the beginning I am fighting with Sai Appa for blessing us with kids. We are issueless from our seven years of marriage. After all the pain and battle I lost the wish for kids. But still I am also a woman who long for kids. Why Sai Appa? I want kids. Bless us with kids Sai Appa. Bless us to be at Your lotus feet and die at Your lotus feet. Sai Appa bless us with kids please. I want kids or else my life will be incomplete. You know my pain. I beg You Sai Appa.

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