God’s Child In Trouble – Sai Devotee V. Saijyothi

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Devotee V. Saijyothi from India: Om Sai Ram! Namastey everyone, I am Saijyothi devotee of Sai Baba. I am from India I love Sai Baba a lot in my life but now a days Baba I am not able to understand anything. I lost everything in my life Baba. Don’t know what is happening to me I cannot be happy in life. Baba, please understand my feelings. Please change my mindset. Please be always with me Baba. I don’t know what is running in my mind. But please don’t leave my hand Baba. If you solve my problem, I can survive on earth. I am not understanding my problem, Baba Aap meri raksha karona Baba( Baba You protect me). I feel alone now a days.

Om Sairam. I have good experiences with Sai Babaji,I love Sai Baba a lot in my life. My sister’s wedding Baba only did! Now she is very happy with her husband and with her in-laws. A beautiful life she is leading and it is only because of Sai Baba she got in life a good partner. Sai Baba You are very great Baba. I experienced a lot of your magic in life. Just If I call Baba, You always comes on time to save me Baba. You are a real God. I love to go everytime to temple, it gives happiness to me. Dear devotees please trust God is always with us. I go every Thursday to Sai Baba temple and see God with my heart, Baba please be with me always.

Sai Baba now a days my life is not good. I lost my studies, I lost my love life, I lost my job. Now parents are asking me to marry someone but I am not getting interest Sai Baba. I am afraid. Whatever I think, it is not happening Baba. Please You come into my life, please guide me in good way. Life is not happy Sai ji, getting angry on everyone. I like to work in government sector please give me job Baba. I am writing exams but not getting. Baba, wherever I go all failures to me. I am failing always. Everyone are scolding Baba ji no one is happy with my company. No money, no health no proper mindset, no job nothing. I lost all hope and not able to stay stable Baba ji, please show some miracle Baba I love You so much. I am so good Baba, I don’t know now a days not liking everyone not liking myself too. If you wish I can achieve but need Your support Baba. Please make me famous. Anantha Koti Brahamanda Nayaka Raja Ji Raja Yogi Raja Maharaj Ki Jai. Baba please bless everyone if Your child does mistakes please forgive us and take care of us Baba. I Love You Sai Baba Ji! Bolo Sai Baba Ki Jai! Sai Eswari Daya Karoma Jagadishwari Raksha Karoma.

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