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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Om Sai Ram. Baba Your leela is aprampar. You always guide me. I cannot imagine my life without You. It is through Your blessings only that once more Sai Satcharitra Parayan will be held in my house. Baba I request You to please come and You only do the parayan Yourself and give me the blessings. Baba please come and meet me. I want to talk to You, I want to stay with You. Sometimes I feel to leave this world and come under the shade of Your lotus feet forever. Let there be no negativity surroundings, let only Your positive thoughts and pure bliss of Your leelas be there. Every second there be chanting of Your name and every brick of my house there ought to be written Om Sai Ram. Every cell of my body should speak forever Om Sai Ram. You make impossible possible. Thank You Baba for being in my life, please call me to Shirdi soon and solve my problem.

I have a small prayer request to Baba regarding my marriage. I met one boy online. He came to my home and I also went to meet his family. Everything was fine in the beginning but all of a sudden problems started in our relationship. There was a lack of understanding. Moreover he seems to be a confused guy. It could be due to his past experiences or his problems that he had faced earlier. I have no idea. But in a short span of time we became intimate with each other. He went on a tour and when he returned he did not bothered to talk to me properly. He said his friends did not like my tone and also talked about other girl. I felt bad and was equally hurt. So I messaged him and told him about my feelings. He said he needs 10 days time to think whether to marry or not. I got 1 or 2 days good morning and good night messages but he did not call me nor messaged me. People from my side are saying that I should understand that he is not interested through his actions and words. I have spent so much money and time that You only know Baba. His attitude was such that it became intolerable for me so I unfriend him from facebook. Baba he ought to realise his mistake.

We are not kids and such type of behavior at this age does not look good. He has shown my pics and told everybody on his side that we are getting married. I have even talked to few of his friends. I know cultural difference is there. But we knew this from the beginning before moving further. One of my friend also says that I am saved he is not a good boy. Every time we have problems. If we see anything as negative then everything would be negative only. Baba please make him realise his mistake. Save our relationship. Baba please protect our self respect. People only mock at our failures. There are only few who support. We both have already crossed the marriage age. I am going to be 38 and he is 43. There should be some maturity according to the age. Is the feeling, behavior we are showing to each other good?

Baba please shower Your blessing on us. Please clear our doubts and misunderstanding by manifesting Yourself in some or the other form. Please come in our life Baba and save our relationship; through Your grace we both should get married to each other and live happily ever after and always chant Your name. Please call both of us to Shirdi and let our marriage with each other happen in Your divine presence. Please shower upon us mental peace, love and understanding. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai.

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