Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On January 29, 2018

Finally i have been called to Shirdi after a long gap of 17 months. Yay, I am so excited to go and receive His blessings. Lord Sai Baba had blessed immensely on my last trip to Shirdi by offering me Cup of Tea. I am looking forward for such experience 😚😍 this time as well. However every Shirdi trip has been mesmerizing and out of the world.

It been my practice that i always take prayer of devotees when i go to Shirdi, this time also i wish to do this service. As i have already stated reason not to take paper print out of prayers with me, this time i request all to put their prayers as Comments To This Post Only. Kindly do not send emails or comment on Facebook page, as because of large inward volume, some prayers may be overlooked. Hope you all understand.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Om Sai Ram… Im in need of blessings from the guru Sai Baba…I have been searching for a job in Dubai for the last two years and been unsuccessful. I have tried all possible ways but it is has been very difficult life for the past few years and need financial support a lot and get a dream job to make my career in Dubai. Please help me with ur guidance and blessing for me to secure a job soon and be at peace and happiness start flowing. Please Mere Sai help me be successful in finding my dream job here and make my family proud and happy and give them the security they deserve. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Please bless me in abundance.

  2. Please pray for good health for everyone.One of my friend is suffering and please pray for her health.My friend did not get pay from last year.Please pray to get his pay back.Thanks

  3. Baba plz be with me bless me baba ..u know I am a single parent to a 5 yr old girl … and staying with parents ..but I want a family and Home if my own so that I can live with respect ..if Psbl get me married to sumone good if not atleast settle my life baba plz baba …it’s very painful n heartbreaking wen my daughter says she doesn’t hav a father πŸ™‚

  4. Om sai ram…
    Baba.. pls be kind n always protect me baba.. u knw my dearest drm n farthest wish..pls fulfil dat wish n drm of mine baba.. baba..i love you frm bottom of my heart..!!

  5. Baba pls be kind n always protect me baba.. U knw my dearest drm n farthest wish..baba pls fulfil wish n drm of mine.. I love U Baba

  6. Om Sai Ram

    Baba pls bless me n my family. I am suffering from one or the other health issues since 4 yrs. Pls bless me n cure me. Pls cure my gyanec and other health problems. Pls bless me with a healthy baby. Pls sai listen to my prayers.

    Sri Sacchidanand Sadguru Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

  7. Thanks for taking our prayers to Baba in Shirdi. Please pray on my behalf for good health and happiness of my parents, brother and friend. Om Sai Ram πŸ™

  8. SaiRam everyone. Please bless my sister to get good guy for marriage. Please bless me success and growth in my job. Please bless me with second child. Please bless my brother with good job so that he can stay happy with his family. Please everyone in my family.

  9. Om Sai Ram
    Thank you for taking our prayers to baba.
    Dear baba,
    Thank you for allowing me to visit your holy feet along with him. I never even thought in my wildest dreams that you would. Thank you so much. Please get me married to him. Please bless everyone around me and keep everyone happy.
    Lots of love,
    Your devotee

  10. Baba you know very well what's there in my heart. Please fulfill my wish nd that of my family members. Keep everyone healthy nd forgive me for the mistakes I have commited knowingly nd unknowingly.. always be my guru in all my births..

  11. Baba u are my father is love u so much baba pls help my husband to get a good job n pls help us settle in our life help everyone in dis world n especially the needy….n pls bless my baby given by you as a beautiful gift

  12. Thanks for taking prayers,baba please help me find a good guy who accept me as I am,need your blessings to take a correct decision, bless me sai ram

  13. My lord plz bless all family members with good health peace n love.
    Also bless my hubby with a choicest blessings, we have you as our saviour not any other one.plz mercy on us u r our only helper ,plz help n take care of us.

  14. Thank you for taking our prayers to Shirdi.My prayer request to baba is kindly cure my husband of his diseases.The current treatment should be very successful and he should not need any further treatment ever for this problem.Also know my sincere request for which i have been praying to you so long.Kindly fulfill that too.Please showed so many signs.Kindly make it happen.

  15. Om Sai Ram, my daughter is going to be 4 years old. Still she can not talk well and cannot express what she want. Doctors told she is having autism but I dont believe What doctors said because I believe in my God SaiBaba. He will make her to speak well. Please prayer to Sai to bless my daughter to speak well and health of my parents to improve well. Make me sucess and get a good Job.Thank you

  16. Om Sai Ram. Please Baba bless my daughter to speak well. Sai please bless me with sucess and get a good job and please bless my parents with good health. Thank you

  17. Om Sai Ram…thank you for always guiding me and for AArti on 1st January. I am waiting for my results, please bless me as you think will be best for me. I want to do best in my profession so that I can give the best to maximum people in need in my life,please forgive my past faults and help me move forward. Do one favor , Sai baba please always stay on my mind so that I never forget you be it my good time or bad time. Lead me do the things so that I can lessen my past sins and do the best use of this life for which U have sent me here. Love U Sai Ram.

  18. Very happy that you are doing this service.Thank you. My husband is losing his job in February kindly pray to Baba help him to get a new job soon with the same salary or few less. Else help us to start a new business. We are in confusion what to choose please help us to take a decision which will be helpful for our future. Om Sai Ram


  20. Baba plz heal my wounds …give me strength, I m emotionally weak I m deadly depressed …I don't have a good job to survive my n my son's life …plz bless me for a good job , peace n happiness in my n my son's life.. plz make my 9 weeks fast successful for the desired wish…om sai ram.

  21. Thank you hetal for this wonderful service, please do pray to baba to bless me with a good job in mnc. And to keep all our families with good health. All should be well.

  22. Om sai ram.thanks hetalji for doing this service. I need blessings of sai appa. I underwent knee ligament surgery and im in rehabilitation phase. Appa please heal me soon.My entire life depends on my healing only. My marriage is on may 20th. Before that i need to be alright appa. Bless me and amma. Please make us to come shridi soon to see you.

  23. Dear Baba, I'm praying to you for guiding my son on the right path by blessing him with a clear mind to make the right choices. Help him get over his struggle that he has been facing in the past few years and help him overcome this difficulty. Put him back on track and help him finish his degree and settle down. Bless him with good physical and mental health and bless him with peace and happiness. May he overcome his challenges through your guidance. Be with him. Thank you for helping my younger son and for being with him. Continue to be with him and guide him on the right path. Please help my husband's career and let his hard work bear fruit. Help us tide over the financial difficulty. Bless my family with good health and peace. Thank you, Baba. Om Sai Ram

  24. Bless my parents Baba. Improve their health and let them devote all their time to you. Bless my sons, especially Aditya and be with him always. Bless my husband to find a good job near here and bless me to perform extraordinarily well in my job so as to impress my managers at the same timne being able to take proper care of my family and sons. Bless me to always remember you, day and night. My each breath should speak your name. Give me place at your feet, Baba.

  25. Dear Baba, please bless me to get a good salaried job In ernakulam and admission for my kids in your school and a wonderful rented house.

  26. Please Baba look after my mother. She's suffering from dystonia and it's only you who can help her and heal her

  27. Dear Sai MAA , please bless us. I am currently keeping nav guruvar vrat . Please help us and guide us. We have surrendered completely to you. Omsairam.

  28. Dear Sister,
    Thank you so much for taking our prayers with you to Sai. May Baba Bless you.

    BABA has always given me what I need when I have asked him. Baba please make me Fit and Healthy once again. Baba please see to that I get my PF and Pension asap. Please take care of my Family and help me establish a Business.

    Take care of everyone and their requests Baba. We Love you.
    Om Sai Ram

  29. Om Sai Ram, I am so happy that my one dream came true that is visiting Shirdi. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Please do come in my dream and bless all of us. Please take care of our job and please grand me the position which I am aiming for.Let us continue in this country for another 10 years. Love you Sai Baba. Be with us always and bless us with health,peace,happiness. Sai Ram.

  30. om sai ram..Baba please help me,from many years my parents are searching for a guy,but i am not getting any suitable matches, plz help me baba in finding the right guy and help me and my parents also..baba bless me for my marriage..

  31. Aum Sai Ram. Baba, please accept our pranams and prayers at your feet. Thank YOU very much for always being with us and saving us. Baba, you blessed us with a job, in order to sustain we need to get few orders for the company. Please bless us for good orders and steady growth. Baba, please cure her stomach issues. please bless her with a good life partner. The younger one too needs your blessings and help, Baba, with Your blessings, both the girls are in the US, please bless them with steady good jobs with visa. You know everything, we rest all at YOUR feet. Seeking your blessings to recover that is lost, we have full faith in YOU. Thank You very much Baba. Our prayers at YOUR feet for a healthy, prosperous and peaceful life. Aum Sai Ram. From Your daughter.

    Thank YOU Hetal for all the efforts. May Baba bless you in abundance.

  32. 1st thank you hetal mam. Baba plz always be with me as well as my family relatives and all creatures in the world. Give me strength to face all problems. Love you baba. Plz give me promotion in my job. U know all about me.

  33. My dear Baba, please help my son recover from the disorder he has now. I don't want anything else but only him to recover from this and enjoy a normal life like any other kid. Bless him and my family with good health and peace.

    Yours daughter

  34. dear baba first am very thankfull to being getting married but am facing lot of difficulties in my mom in law house.. so i have to get out from this house soon pls baba take care my health soon and i need a girl baby soon bless my parents and husband

  35. Baba please bless me with a good rank so that i can join in a good college without donations.please father cannot bear the fees.i pray for your mercy

  36. Babaji you are the doer of everything. Please help my dad win the court case in his favour and close the case forever. You have helped us tremendously before. Please bless and help us. My dad at this age doesn't have house of his own. Please babaji bless him and take away all his struggles and give him a healthy n peaceful life. It's been long time he is suffering. I know you have also been suffering with usand this all the strength which he gathers all come from that faith. I can only pray rest I leave it to you.Om Sai ram.

  37. Thank you Heal ji for your kind service. Pray to baba for the right match for my daughter for a happy married life with a loving family. Also for unconditional love harmony and heartfelt intimacy within all members of our family. Sairam

  38. Sai Ram
    Thank you for the opportunity. My prayers are for Baba to hear my Sister's prayer. Baba's blessings and grace will guide her in right path to solve her difficult moments and to reach happiness. Pls guide us Baba. Thank you and pranam.

  39. OM SAI RAM. Dear Hetal ji , please pray for me to Baba. Request him to call me to shirdi soon. It's been years I am waiting to meet him. I can't wait anymore. I stay far in Assam and for many other problems I was unable to go to shirdi. So, it's a earnest request from my side to you that you give my letter to him and tell him that I earnestly want to meet him. Jay sai RAM.

  40. Baba plz bless my mother with good health. Plz baba remove the fear coming in to my mind for my mother's health. U know baba she is living with my Uncle & aunty. As my father got expired on dt.4.5.2016. I am begging you for my mother'health. Plz plz baba bless my mother with good health. Love u baba.

  41. Om Sai Ram,
    Baba please bless my family. Please bring love, peace, unity in my family. I live thousands of miles away from my parents so please take care of them. Please bring my wife closer to my parents and sister so that we can live happily ever after. Please keep us away from people with evil thoughts and Give us sadbuddhi. I am not asking for anything materialistic Deva. I just want peace and happiness for the rest of our lives.
    Om Anand Koti Brahmand nayaka Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jay!
    Love you Sai Dadu.

  42. Baba please bless me with Loving, careing, loyal & sober husband πŸ™πŸ½ please bless me & my dear husband with happy, loving, blessed merried & Family life ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  43. My Koti Pranam to Baba. I pray to Baba to please keep my family friends and all safe protect them all.
    Give me strength to face any problems mishaps and misfortune πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  44. On Sri Sairam.. please bless everyone and let everyone have good health and good thoughts.. please bless everyone to get their food when they are hungry .. let the world be clean with good vibrations..

  45. BABA please bless us with healthy life. As you know that we have faced lot of health problems last year. thanks for being with me. Be with me forever even though i complaint about at you, i fight with you. i often complaint that you are not with me , u do not listen to my prayers.
    my first prayer is.. bless my family with good health. please publish the pg welfare list within this month. i want to visit shirdi within Febrauary. please do it. i am always selfish but my friends always care me. Please bless savitha mam with baby.. there is no thing you cant do it. As she is completely trusting you for all.. please bless her with baby. this year must be good year for all baba.

  46. Thank you for taking these prayers to Shirdi.
    Baba, Please fulfill the wishes of my children. I want them to get admission into the college of their choice. You know both of them have been trying very hard for the last 4-6 years. Please Baba, you alone can make it happen. Please do this Baba and bless them with good education.

  47. Baba, you know what I am going through. I dont know what it is with me or my face or my personality, but I always lose my friends. Now I have absolutely zero friends. Anythign I say or do, people mistake my intentions and thus i have earned a bad reputation. People have spread rumors about me which cost me my job, but after 1.5 years I found another job but now again, I see people talking behind my back. What can I do Baba. How do I fix it. I have no one to talk to as I lost every friend I had due to some misunderstanding or because what i said was misinterpreted. Baba, I mean no harm, Maybe i dont know how to talk, I am very open and honest and direct. Please help me Baba. I need to keep this job ; my family need smy support; Please help baba

  48. Om Sairam
    Baba this time please answer my prayer.
    Baba since very long time I am praying you to unite me with him.Now situation is totally against it but baba if you want anything can be happen.Please baba remove this pain,have mercy on me.Baba this wish of mine only you can fulfil.Sorry for all the sin which I have done knowingly or unknowingly.Please give me happiness and beautiful life.
    Baba always bless my parents,brother,sisters,niece, nephew,brother in law with good life.Reham nazar karo baba

  49. Baba please bless me with a good job soon in good organisation with good colleagues and atmosphere.I want to step out from my present organisation as soon as possible.Give me a good job as soon as possible Baba.Please

  50. Baba thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful life. But lately, I have been facing a lot of issues due to one small mistake that I made unintentionally and I haven't been able to forgive my self after that. My life had changed all of a sudden because of that one silly mistake and all our dreams have been shattered. Many people have been suffering because of the mistake that I made. Baba please be with us and help us out of this situation without causing further damage to others. Please see to it that no one would be effected because of me. Bring back things to normal and show us a way to the future. As of now my life is under turbulence and you are the only one who could change the entire situation and make it favorable to us. Baba I always believed in you but now I am and becoming restless as the situation now is out of control. I am leaving everything on you Baba. Please bless us and bring us out of this situation and I will for ever be greatful to you. Please invite us to Shirdi.

    Thanks a lot for this platform and for taking the prayers to Shirdi on behalf of all the devotees. May god bless. Om Sai ram

  51. Om sai Ram ji…. First of all Thanks to sai baba ji who has listen my last 8 March 2016 prayer & blessed me with sweet twins babies son & daughter after 16 yrs of my marriage. I have no words to say thank u baba.
    Baba ji my brother's married life is very disturb that's why my parents are very worried. My brother has broken all his relations with parents and sisters. Whole family love him very much but he has no care. Sai baba ji plz.bless him and send him towards his family soon. Plz. Baba take care of him. No black magic touch him. Save him plz.plz.plz.plz. Save him from his merciless wife and his in laws.
    Baba ji 29 Jan ko meri marriage anniversary bhi hai so plz. Bless me with healthy married life and family. Mere bacho air family pe apni kripa banaye rakhna. THANKS baba ji. Om sai Ram ji

  52. Hai..Sorry for writing here.On November 16th I have posted one experience which is yet to be be published.In that experience experience I have mentioned the girl details.Iam new to this site and I don't know that you are lagged for 3 months.Baba listened to my prayers and he solved everything in best way.So please don't post the girl details and edit night blindness as poor vision if you want to publish my experience and on Dec 5th again I have written experience related to the first one..If possible club those two and publish.Dear Hetalji thank you so much for maintaining this blog.I want to know how the thought arise in your mind to start this blog and how you started this blog with whose support and who are behind this.Please post the details.I still don't remember how I approached this blog and it helped me a lot when I was in tough situation.After reading the devotees experiences it gives positive strength and hope.Please forgive me I have mailed you but I didn't get any reply.So am posting here regarding that experience..Dear Hetalji this trip should be more memorable to you and thank you for praying on behalf of us.Have a smooth and safe journey.

  53. Om Sai Ram
    Thank you Hetal ji for taking our Prayers to Shirdi.Baba thank you for everything you have given me..Baba you know what i want..please bless me & fulfill my wishes..Thank you
    Om Sai Ram!!

  54. My Dear Baba,
    You know everything ,I dont have to tell you . I am suffering from anxiety,depression and also fickle mindedness ,I am a mother of two children and I am totally unhappy with my married life as I am put down and dis -respected by my husband due to my behaviour ,Please Baba help me regain my self control , self respect and patience .Let me devoted to you always and be confident .Pls Baba help me ,My kids depend on me ,I cant see them ruin due to my anxiety and depression.

  55. Sai ram. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to send my prayers to Baba Koti Koti pranam Baba. I am praying for health issues I am facing. Baba please resolve this problem. You been always there for me. Thank you for all the blessings you given us. I am at your lotus feet always. Sai Ram.

  56. Om Sai Ram
    Thank you so much Hetal ji for taking our Prayers to Holy feet of Sai..Thank you Baba for giving me Everything..Baba you know what i want.Please fullfill my Wishes..Thank you
    Om Sai Ram

  57. Om Sai Ram,

    Thank you very much for your message saying that you have visited my house and took all my problems with you. I'm so happy to see this message. I no need to explain you that how much we need you. Thank you for your blessings and be always with us without leaving us in all our phases.

    We will be there at your lotus feet…
    Thank you Baba!

  58. Baba u know my father in low's condition. If u want then everything will be possible. Please give strength energy to my husband to overcome all problems. U also know our financial condition. Baba plz be with us always. Love you baba.

  59. Dear Baba, Namaskar, First of all my sincere thanks for giving us a new life the trauma which we went through was very painful but by ur blessings we overcomed all hurdles Thank you so much Baba. Pls keep my husband healthy and may his spinal problem be cured by your blessings Pls bless my family my husband and my daughter.Thankyou so much Baba for all ur blessings on me pls take care of us as you always do.

  60. Om Sai Ram, please grant us progeny soon. hoping that our wish will be fulfilled before the prayers reach you at Shirdi.

  61. Omm Sairam. Happy Saraswati puja to all the family members of our beloved baba. Baba plz bless with good health to my Uncle, brother, brother in lows, sisters, sister in laws as well as all the family members and relatives. Baba u know my father's death. I have got afraid of the health issues
    So baba plz bless with good health to them and all human beings living in the world. Baba I am begging you for their good health. Love you baba.

  62. Om Sai Ram.
    Baba Bless me with a bright career.I know you will.You are listening to my prayers and you are working on it.Please make it soon.You know how I am suffering there.I hope you soon bless me with a good job.Bless me with a peaceful and tension free life.You saved me from calamity and please show me another job quickly..Please Be with me and protect my family always baba.

  63. Om sai baba:

    Baba right from my birth i don't have peace in my heart. I always have problems in my heart. I want 3 blessings from you . 1. I want to get a good job in the institution which is in my heart which you know. 2. I need some beat friends . You know how much I like friends but I haven't got any so please give me some best friends. 3. I have a social media platform which you know ,i want your blessings so that it can grow in a healthy way. These are my 3 wishes baba. With 100 percent faith on you i write this on guruvar 25 jan. Please fulfill my wishes baba.


  64. Om Sai ram

    Dear hetal jee and Sai Devotees, please pray for me. I am in very stressful situation right now. Hoping to get grace from SaiNath. Firstly My wife wants to Divorce me for someone else and Secondly I lost my job. There is no end to my misery. Baba please help me in saving my marriage. Baba only you can helped me. Baba I promise i will visit shirdi if my wishes are fulfilled. Baba give me enough strength to bear this pain. OM SAI RAM

  65. My deva Sai,
    BOW to my Sai,

    Please I beg u to please please cure pain in my whole body especially in spine and leg and joint pain goes away and my leg espcially left leg gets restored to its original shape( it has become bend like a C shaped when i walk many people assume me to be suffering from polio).

    Oh Sai deva I am suffering from this pain from last 22 years from this problem how much more to suffer.
    Many have said that it is black magic I would have step on something on road and hence the suffering.

    I donot even have friends as I end up fighting or quarreling most of the time. I think the black energy doesnot want me to interact with anybody.

    I am 33 yrs old unmarried complted TYBSC in oct 2008 but till date didnot have a proper job since oct I have changed 15 jobs in some jobs as less as 5 days and some people did not given me salary not even one days salary though I got terminated within 1 month .

    In 11 years changing 15 jobs is no joke. Out of this 15 jobs only 2 job I stayed for about 1 year and in 2 job stayed for 6 months rest all terminated me immediately in a month.

    Had plans to do Msc but complted tybsc in 4th attempt.

    Oh Sai Deva pls cure me from this suffering for once and all. I got this problem when 10 year old it is so painful I feel like ending my life. I pray for everybody for people I don't
    Even know on road for beggars street children's, birds animals saying oh sai deva if not mine atleast cure them or lessen their pain. when I see them in pain I think about my pain and pray for them that atleast you will hear my prayers for others if not for myself wishing that someone might also pray for me as I prayed for others.
    From January i am at home as got terminated from this job because I limp while walking and it does not look good some said boss if knew before about my problem would not have given job.

    Oh Sai deva and all Punya sai devotes please pray for me that I start walking properly and I get my original self and intelligence back.

    1)Pls pray that I get a high paying salary job near by my home and I get permanantely fixed job especially govt job.
    2)Pls pray that my leg becomes alright and I start walking properly and uprightly.
    3)Pls free my mind of unwanted cluster and thoughts and all things negative .
    4) pls bless me so that I can resume my Masters and PG Degree.

    BOW to Shree SAI and peace be to all.


  66. Dear hetal ji and Sai devotes pls pray for me that my body pain and suffering of last 22 years is cured and I get a job as soon as possible on an urgent basis. This pain and limping of leg started after sports injury pls deva pls sai deva cure me of this suffering and pain.

  67. Baba, please help me and fix the problem I am facing at my job. You know I didnt do anything wrong; If I did please reprimand me but dont let me lose my job. i cant live without a job Baba. Can you help me Baba. I need you. Please let me my management ignore the issue. please deva, you are my only hope.

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