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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Thank you Hetalji mam for this wonderful blog.

I am a ardent devotee of Sai Maa India. I have blessed by many miracles of Sai Maa as I started reading Sai Maa Satcharitra and it is one of the holy book which you can see lot of changes happening in your life during this reciting period. I would like to thank to Hetal ji mam for maintaining this blog for holding devotes faith and it boosts devotees a lot. I have faced lot of ups and downs in my life, even now I am facing but I would like to say that “when Sai Maa is on your side none can stop you and stand before Sai Maa” coming down to my experience I am in love with one of the guy with whom I want to get married and he also loves me. He is a very stubborn person. Sometimes he was behaving idiotic with me, so I was left with praying Sai Maa each time he fought with me but at last he used to compromise with me and he also started believing in Sai Maa now. In many consequences Sai Maa proved that he is there with me. But his parents are not agreeing for our marriage as due to inter caste and some issue of my past. But I don’t find any option in my life unless him. Please Sai Maa help me to get agreed by his parents.

I do believe in 9 Thursdays vrat which I did it yet I am waiting for Sai Maa’s blessings in our marriage matter. I am 26 now and my parents want me to get married, but I cannot explain them my such condition where no one is understanding me. I would share the experience once I get married as per my wish and also I invited Sai Maa to my marriage. Anantha Koti Bharmanada Nayaka!!! Sri SaiMaa nath Sadhguru Maharaj Ki Jay. I do believe that single prayer would change many things. Please pray for me. Please devotes who are reading this please pray for me for my wish to be fulfilled. Sai Maa, Sai Maa, Sai Maa, Sai Maa, Sai Maa, Sai Maa, Sai Maa, Sai Maa, Sai Maa.

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  1. Om Sai Ram do as much good as you can do, treat others well poor or rich get rid of bad habits Sai will give you what you deserve

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