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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Meenu Malhotra from India: Sai Ram.This is not a Miracle or an experience but a small prayer request at the holy feet of Baba. I am one of His small devotees from UK, He has always been there for me in my good and bad times. He has always guided me in all walks of life. Since November this year, somehow I am suffering from problem of prolonged bleeding which was worse this time. When I went to GP even she told me that she was not able to diagnose why it was happening.

Last year too, I faced same problem for some time but this time it’s gone really bad and its occurence again has made me more tensed. When I asked my GP about reason for this unusual bleeding as I already have fibroids, she told me that it was not because of fibroids. Moreover my blood results were all normal. When I asked her that could it be cancer, she scared me more by saying that one in every 2 women is getting cancer these days. She referred me for pelvic scan which here is long wait to get appointment. Finally, I got my scan date which is 11 January and luckily it’s a Mahaparayan Thursday and then I have to meet gynaecologist on 29 January.

Currently am so worried about my health, even if I walk or stand for a while, it gives me pelvic pain, earlier even if I walked or stood, bleeding used to start but since 1st December i have been taking medicines regularly to stop bleeding which I need to eat until I see gynecologist. I have never eaten medicines for so long in my lifetime. This long wait till I get scan done and see gynaecologist is making me worry more and think about the worse.

Last Thursday, while doing my mahaparayan, I got the chapter which states about leaving your favourite thing until your wish get fulfilled. I took this as Baba’s sign to me to follow this instruction and hence I have decided not to eat rajma until I get all my reports as normal. Please Baba I leave this matter in Your holy feet and pray to You that please make my health better and save me from any big disease or operation. I have a little one to look after Baba. Please forgive me for any mistakes or sins that I have made knowingly or unknowingly in this birth or any of my past births. I don’t want to die a slow death with any big disease. Please save me and my family Baba. I request everyone in the Mahaparayan team to please pray sincerely for me to Baba. Am sure if all of us will pray together, Baba will surely listen.
Baba I promise to You that I will post my experience the same day I get all my reports as normal.
Group Prayers- The Most Powerful Tool We Devotees Have To Ward Off Any Obstacles And Hindrances In Our Lives, Let’s Ensure Its Maximum Usage .

Om Sai Ram!
Meenu Malhotra

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  1. I am Binita from Assam. My mother is suffering from cancer last stage. I can not think of loosing her. With a hope we sent her to Australia but nothing came positive.please please please pray for her evei one. Please Baba bless her with speedy recovery. We all family members are shattered with this news. Baba we need her…she wants to live…..u know what my parents mean to me. Bless her Baba. Om sai ram Nd love u a lot.

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