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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thanks to the whole team who’s also praying for us and making us to feel we have someone to hear our pain. I am literally in pain and in tears as I got cheated by the person with whom I was in Love

I am really in a very bad situation as I got cheated from a person and his family. I would like to share my experience of Love here. I was in love with the person who got separated from his wife in 2013, Later we became friends as we both worked in the same company for few months. Later he proposed me for loving him and to be part of his life. I was so afraid to accept him since he was already married and he might be back to his wife. After much analysis I accepted him. As days passed we were happy and we had been to Shirdi to seek Baba’s blessing for our relationship. We were happy and I took care of him just like myself as he was with empty handed and needed my support. When all was well I noticed that he lies a lot and have habit of manipulating things. As days passed I noticed that he even was in touch with his wife via calls, e-mails and messaged asking her to come back and to start new life again. 1st wife left him as she had an affair with her husband’s brother and she was caught by her husband and so she had left home. One fine day he was busy online and he didn’t reply to many of my messages and I was sure that he was chatting with his wife. Since I had his wife’s number I just messaged her asking whether he messaged. She was good and replied to me saying that they both were chatting. Many times I asked him if he wants to go back to his wife as I shouldn’t be the reason for their separation. But he always told me that he was just chatting with her and asking her to come back because if he says he doesn’t want her and he has to pay huge money to her in court. But I decided to move away from him after knowing that he’s still thinking of her and they might reunite if was not with him in 2015. I was completely away from him since 2015 Feb but after a year he came back to me saying that he too was away because he didn’t want to hurt me and wanted to make a decision in life and to come back to me. I didn’t accept him as I was aware that he would write emotional mail to his wife to come back, sending her cakes and roses, calling her at night. Since I couldn’t tolerate all this during when I was with him so I decided not to accept him again in my life. But I got many mail from his parents not to make him cry, to forgive him and to take back him into my life. So with certain condition I had taken him back. Everything was smooth till February 4th 2018. That day his parents fixed an engagement with other girl called Purnima. They were aware of our relationship and they assured me many times to do our marriage. I really don’t know what made them to take this decision. They fixed engagement on 11th March 2018 and 30th Mar is the marriage, I am still hoping Baba will do some miracle for my love and give my love back to me. I am really going blank and in a helpless situation. He says that his family promised that girl for the marriage and now it can’t be cancelled. Please Baba help me in this situation. I am in tears and in pain. I can’t forget everything and move forward in life. Baba is only strength in me and He can understand my inner feelings. Pray Baba to do miracle and to give me my love back. Baba, please grace me with Your blessing!!! I beg You Baba. Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Hi dear, as a sister please consider my thoughts about your situation.

    Whatever happened to you now is because of Baba's grace only. If baba felt like your life would be happy with that guy you have loved, definitely your marriage with your love would have happened. Now your pain is temporary , after a year or so if someone good guy enters in your life, you won't remember all these things, these things would be a painful memory. I feel like you should be grateful enough to the things happenend now because after marriage if that guy again lie to you and his parents also not in favour to you, then imagine what your situation might be. This guy is not of trustworthy and his parents also cheated you. Then why you again want to go back to him and his family. What if something happens to you after getting married to him. So think all these things and end up all this pain slowly. Socialize yourself and listen to your parents now. Parents are the only beings who love ours unconditionally in whatever the situation. No one will be with us except parents. So don't hurt your parents and do listen to them. Being a girl , I too know how much painful to you to come over this situation, but this pain is temporary which fades away with time compared to the pain you might suffer after getting married to that cheated guy and his family.

    I hope you will understand what am saying. Wish you should make a right decision in your life.

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