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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA: Hello, please Do not include my name or email when posting this prayer. I live in the US. I became a Sai devotee last year and have been reading all your experiences and prayers. My family also are very big devotees of Sai. I have been struggling with an issue that has completely locked my savings and all finances. This has been going on for six years and progressively getting worse. No amount of working with courts of lawyers has helped except resulting in more losses for me. I have eventually lost my house, my pets but I was still fighting hard to survive because I had a job.

On Friday, I received shocking news that my visa was denied. As of immediately, I have no job and have to leave it if I don’t get approval for my new visa. Also, now with no money I am not able to fight for my case. I became a Sai devotee last year and read Sai Satcharitra in 7 days in December for the first time. I got news that my problem is about to be solved. However, something happened to the case officer and my case got delayed again. Now the case officer started working on resolving my case again in July and I began the 9 Thursday vrat and prayed for resolution. I am on my 7th week when I heard about my visa. The case officer is also facing a lot of hindrances. I am a good person. I promised Sai I will be His true devotee but now I need prayers to get my new visa approved as well as for my financial situation to go back to normal so that I can get back what I lost. Please pray for me. All of my savings, house and work, my whole life is in bad shape. Please pray, I need your prayers.

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