Prayer Request For My Husband’s Job -Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA: Om Sai Ram! I am a very small Sai devotee in the vast ocean of Baba devotees. Sai Deva! We are in USA for the past 10 years. My husband is on H1B. His Visa is due for extension and he lost his job. He has been looking for a job for past couple of months but has been unable to find one so far. If he is not able to get one soon enough, we may have to leave this country. I can go anywhere with my husband, but I am worried for my sons. It will be really difficult for them to adjust to a new school environment. I pray to Baba to show us a way. I believe in Baba that He will make everything alright but still my foolish mind worries. Baba, please forgive me. Devotees please pray for me and my husband to have Shraddha and Saburi. Baba, please hold our hands. Please be with us.

Om Sairam.

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