Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Deepika from India: I am going to write for my lover’s job seeking Baba’s blessings.

Hi devotees I am Deepika from Trichy after four years I am going to share my worry to Baba. Baba me and Vikas are loving deeply. Have given money for his job to one of my uncle as he told that he knows a big person from the software industry. First it sounded silky and just believing his words told my lover that he will get job and that just that we have to pay. My lover also believed my words and without taking any projects in his current organisation it’s going to be a month. We keep on asking my uncle and he is just giving us excuses. Now my lover thinks me as a liar. I am believing all this out any sense he is saying that lost the love on you for this lie but I can’t live without you, never lie to anyone. If I am a liar why should I give money for his career? Feeling devastated. You have to help me Baba; praying from the bottom of my heart.

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