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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Om Sai Ram. I am from India. I am a married women [marriage happen on 09-04-2017] who is facing the harassment from In-laws and husband from the early days of marriage till this moment.

Baba I will see every God in You and I am seeing You in every human. I am always chanting Your name and You are my soul where I will share anything [happy/sad/pain/problems/struggles/my thoughts either +ve or -ve] and everything. Baba You know everything about my present situations. All family members lost their hope on my husband that he will change and come to me by understanding the value of marriage bond because of his ignorance and his deeds. I am surviving in this world with fake smile outside, but You only know about my unseen tears and deep pain. Everybody is fed-up and saying me to forget about him and move on to your life. He doesn’t deserve to get your pure love, he will not understand the value of girl life, etc etc. Baba I am not getting influenced by any negative words and bearing them. I am not the one who is supposed to stand in front of court from last one year. I knew life will not come as per our wish but few things we can balance with our kind heart and obedience. In that case really I am not the one who is supposed to face the court, cases etc. But still I am bearing with the only hope on You that one day surely You will make my husband to realize. Each and every second whatever I am struggling You only know, Baba I am obeying Your words and being patient. I have done whatever I can do to change my husband, but he is not responding. So now I have left to You. Baba I am feeling so tired of these issues and no energy to bear more than this. Please Baba please till this moment I was bearing all the lies, insulting words, killing words, blaming etc etc. By remembering Your words Shraddha & Saburi. Now I am seeking for result of my pure love. Please Baba please speak to my husband, tell him that “your wife is feeling so hungry of your care and responsibility like how a newly born baby goes to mother’s heart for feeding”. Next time when I see him either in court or other place I should see change in his eyes and I should feel the same affection from him which he gave me in first few days of marriage life. Baba my parents are becoming sick day by day. My mother was living by chanting Your name. Baba please resolve this soon and unite me with my husband with complete protection. Please Baba make everything normal, be with me always. I am the luckiest person who gets the live Darshan of Shirdi Sai in real life [it clearly indicates that wherever I go You are with me, since I am seeing every God in Baba I got the live Darshan of Sai]. Baba few people are thinking about me as mad because of praying You continuously even though my life is in critical situations. So You should give answer to them soon by resolving this issue with Your miraculous Blessings and make them understand that Baba is there for her. Please Baba please whoever gave me this pain let them realize the things as soon as possible and make them to understand the girl life value and her parent’s and brother’s pain. Baba I don’t have any hope on this law and court, they are just making me to visit the court without resolving. Because of this society I am struggling a lot but still I am strong with Your grace. Baba You are the one and only hope for rest of my life. Om Sai Ram. Baba I am waiting to see Your miracle to restart my married life happily.

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