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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Hi Hetal Ji, I have recently found your blog and on daily basis almost, I read about Baba’s blessings on various devotees. I am currently staying in Bangalore but basically from Jharkhand. I have done my higher studies from VIT. Sai Baba came in to my life when one school friend gave His small statue when she visited Shirdi and introduced Him and His couple of leelas she had experienced. Then my parents went to Shirdi around the same time and my Mom got me Baba’s idol and gave me. It was almost 10 years ago when I was in school. I respect all deities and hence I placed the idol in the puja place where along with other God, I started praying Him as well. Still I was unknown from the fact that He is taking care of me to cross all hurdles of my life along with blessings of my Ganesha.

I wanted to study in VIT after scoring 12th marks but I missed to get the seat there. I had lost hope that same year anything could happen but Sai Baba sent someone to resolve my problem suddenly and within a weeks’ time I got an admission there on the same branch which I aspired for. I made many good friends there but one was extremely close to my heart. First time when I saw him during the class introduction a sudden thought flashed in my mind that I will be married to him. But I forgot about that, deep in my heart I wanted to be with him but I did not want to take any step thinking that will be wrong at that age. We continued to be just friends for 2 years who would formally meet and greet, hangout sometimes and have fun along with other friends. After almost 2 years there was a small fight in our friend circle and every other person started complaining against him. I used to hear them but my heart was never allowing me to believe in them. One day I thought I will meet him and clarify all the rumours. We met and he explained about all the allegations that they were false. Many common friends already used to tease him of having any love intentions towards me which was the reason both of us did not meet separately or talk much. But after that day, he started liking me and we became close slowly. When other friends knew about our growing friendship or likeness towards each other, they started complaining against that. But I ignored and fought for his respect, our respects and our relation. He had also supported me when I was alone and in difficulties. Soon we both were in love with each other and it took another year for both of us to confess to each other.

He is a big devotee of Sai Baba and he used to often take me to Sai mandir on Thursdays. He used to explain about his small experiences he had in his school days with Baba. That is when I developed a bond with Baba because he brought him completely in my life and with His grace and blessings we could be together. We were already in final year of the college and we both got placed in companies but in different cities. Though we both knew what we had got was best for us but I was extremely sad that we both had to live apart in two cities and we would rarely meet then. I had thought of a wish to do Tirupati Balaji darshan if he was placed and settled properly in his company. But at this time I wanted that we should start hinting our families too of our friendship and fondness towards each other. Hence I requested him to atleast inform his mom about we both going together to Tirupati. She did not like it, she permitted to go but she warned him to not to continue with me. I convinced him so much but he was scared. However we went to Tirupati thinking this was the last time we were going outside together and we may have to remain friends only. But after Balaji’s darshan, he suddenly told me that he wants to be with me but he was scared for sometime. I was in complete joy and we kindled everything. Then years passed, we both used to meet each other frequently by visiting each other, our relationship grew and we were integral part of each other’s life by then. In between I grew my relationship with his family as well and met them once. They liked me somewhat and we also started being in contact with each other. He also met my family and they also liked him much. However his family was still saying NO for marriage. My family was not against but could not accept also. We however continued in a hope that since I have a good bond with them one day they will agree and prayed Sai Baba all the time to do some magic in our relationship that no one would say no to us. May be then we were young and they did not think of our marriage and hence they were not able to handle.

We undergo all kinds of phases of being in difficulties, some challenges, fights, sadness but I used to continuously pray to Baba to help us to give strength to tackle all situations despite of all odds. We were happy together. Sai Baba used to help us come out of all the difficulties and we used to be happy together. I always felt and still feel that it was just Sai Baba’s blessing upon me that we could be together. And I always pray that no matter what Baba should help me to be with him life long and he should take care of all the hurdles because he only chosen us to be together. However we were still trying to gain his parents confidence but hardly any luck. But we always thought we would wait until they accept and then my family also accepts. I used to pray Baba to help in all possible ways. I decided to move to the same city as he was after almost 2.8 years so that together we could be a strong team and help each other, take care of each other and be more and more understanding. I used to pray Baba to get me job in the same city so that it was easier for me. One day before one interview, he applied Udi to me and sent for interview and within no time I was selected. I understood it was Baba’s blessings and his love that I could finally get job before moving to his city. He of course was doing good when we were far and used to meet often but before any of the family starts thinking of our marriage with anyone else we wanted to be together and worked towards being together and wanted families should accept lovingly.

I went to Shirdi for the first time before moving to the new city and I prayed Baba to help me and him to convince everyone. Finally one day he arranged my meeting with his parents again. I was in complete understanding that I would just go meet them and come and whatever they ask little bit I would answer them. It was 19th Sept 2016 when things suddenly changed. I forgot to pray to Baba and bow before Him before leaving house and I remembered later. I was scared but secretly did Pranam to Baba and Ganesha to help me. He was already trying but they said they were against love marriage but they would have accepted if it was not inter caste marriage however we are not of different castes, we belong to same community but different sub castes. This was the only thing which was our strength all these years that atleast caste issue would never come but it came. Then his mom spoke to me and she almost just told me to be away from him and be friends. I was scared and started crying in front of her. I was little angry because the conversation went to some different levels. I tried defending the idea couple of times just to put our thoughts and request them to give a chance. But unluckily I could not make them understand. It was late and then once the conversation was over I left. I was angry, sad, shocked…etc. I could have handled it much in a better way and calmly but I could not may be because I was not prepared then. After that meeting everything changed. All the good thoughts they had for me converted to negative. Other than that they told issue regarding my height and they said it was not acceptable at all. I was taken aback but I kept praying Baba to help me that they all accept me. I always wanted that more that my guy, his family should like me, they should be supportive.

From first day I had been dreaming of going to his house a daughter-in-law and his wife. But I was shattered to hear the news. I told them sorry for all my mistakes via different modes but nothing was helping. I kept praying to Baba to help me and do the situation which was favourable to both of us to get married. We started becoming apart from each other, less conversation, less meetings, etc. I used to pray Baba that You are the One Who brought us together now please You can only fix this. No one else. I am not sure why but one day he told me that he does not love me much. But I could clearly see in his eyes and actions that he loved me a lot. But yes, I cared and respected for me more than the love feelings always. I still assume either he wanted me to be away from him that’s why he said that or his family pressure made him do that. We were almost apart but still in contact. All these days I was still praying to Baba that I cannot live without him. However I knew my brain was going on wrong path of negativity. It was almost a year and I was not seeing anything positive happening. He was outside the country for couple of months so I was unable to meet him and talk much anyway. While he was leaving, I told him with all my heart and soul that whatever the situation may be, I love you. He told me, “I love you too”. When he was not there I used to visit temple every day to ask sorry from God if anything wrong had gone but please keep us together and for his success. When he was returning back, I was super happy and I went to receive him at the airport. He was happy to see me but I could naturally feel that something was stopping him to act or show his happiness. I thought it was a tiring day and hence he must be like that. I was waiting for him to call me and meet me after he returned back. But due to some or other reason I was also unable to meet him for next 10 days. In between these 10 days, I went to Shirdi to seek Baba’s blessings so that everything now turns right and we should be married to each other.

One day he asked me to meet because he wanted to talk something imp. I was again scared that he is not the same person, he had never spoken so much formally but still I felt okay that could be positive also. I kept feeling I went to see Baba in Shirdi and seek blessings for us and to rekindle the relationship, Baba would definitely help me. But he informed me that he can’t continue to talk to me also even as a friend because his family was against it and even after multiple discussions they were not agreeing. If we continue to talk both of us would be in problem. I cried, shouted requested for not doing this because I knew communication is the key to success. However, I told him if this makes you happy and your family satisfied I would do that but please come back soon. I can’t live without you. Because I was feeling bad for our friendship as well, he told me he would talk to me sometimes and take care if anything was there. I was very sure even if you don’t talk to me for sometime that’s fine as long as you come or call back and be with me. I prayed Baba to bring him back however it may be if not for love atleast for friendship. We both had dreamt something and I would give my heart and soul to keep the relationship alive and perfect even if there were many problems. I did many pujas and tried to take wrong steps. However nothing could help me.

Time passed by, I convinced my family somehow and they tried to reach his family but we got same response. It had been one year then that we are not talking to each other and every other day I pray to Baba to help me to meet him, be friends with him and help me to win his heart again. I went to many astrologers, some say positive some say negative but I believe in Baba and ask His help no matter what. I stopped believing in everything except Baba. Recently I started reading Sai Satcharitra saptah Parayan, I never expected him to wish my birthday after such kind of gap between us, but he messaged me on my birthday and I was full of joy. This gave me little hope that still if Baba works on this relation, everything can be fixed. I was thinking only that inspite of living in the same city and praying so much why don’t we get to meet. He has finally atleast wished my birthday and it’s a huge respect for me after knowing what was the situation since an year. After a week of my birthday, I had to travel for a short vacation with my family outside the country, but I missed the flight, I booked another flight next day and I missed the connecting flight of that as well. I was sitting in the airport after taking another ticket and wondering what was happening with me and had almost decided that this place was not good for me and I should leave from here completely. I read Satcharitra in the morning and it was the chapter where it says Baba gives indications to everyone about danger or plans already to save you from anything wrong. So when I was thinking about missing my flights and leaving the city because my sole purpose to be here was to be with him, suddenly I saw him in front of me in the airport. I remembered Baba and thanked Him and I remembered all the days when I was longing to just see him, pray for him to make me meet him and bring him back I remembered. I saw him going to the security check-in and then I rushed towards him. After my check-in, I searched for him in the airport and when I found him both of our eyes matched we were stuck for a second. I was dying to meet him personally and give him Baba’s Udi because last time when I went to Shirdi I got one for him and thought when Baba helps me I will definitely meet him and then I will give him Udi. So I took out Udi to give him but I don’t know why I could not find him again at the airport. I kept running from counters to counters to ask about him but I did not locate him. Finally when I found him, it was little late and he was already in for boarding his flight. I requested the airport authorities to help me to send Udi to him but they said flight just left and they couldn’t do anything then. I remembered Baba’s words that God give us chances but our mind is not prepared when we miss it. I thanked Baba to show his face and was thankful that we could atleast come across each other, and I did not want to miss this chance and I gathered courage to meet him even for two minutes if possible and searched him. However I missed to catch him so I dropped him an email. I hope he replies me back one day. I am still waiting for him. But Baba changed all my sadness to sudden joy and excitement. I felt bad one side that two of us who used to be so close once, they had to avoid each other on the same platform. While he would have also tried to meet me we would have definitely met each other. Since then I am just remembering Baba to help me and do some magic.

I know for everyone, this moment must be a coincidence but I know I felt Baba at very moment when I was very low sitting at the airport and I saw him was a huge ray of hope and happiness. I was filled with joy and called and told my friends and sister about that moment. Whatever, I just hope we meet very soon again and again and forever together. I will try to send Udi again.

I now
pray with more hope and more trust to Sai Baba to help me very very soon. You
know my wishes and prayers Baba. I know there would have been more problems
than I could have seen except my height problem or caste problem, but I will
always keep my promise to look after him and his family with heart and soul and
do whatever it takes to keep them happy. I need him, his love, support and
friendship again in my life and this time forever. I need Your blessings Baba.
Without Your wish and blessings this is not possible. We both are Your kids And
you will do fair and justice with both of us but please I pray You to do
something which help me to get closer and together with him forever. You know
me I am far more scared also Baba; I just keep taking Your name to make the
situation in my favour and remove all the distance between two of us. Help me
Sai maa! Hetal Ji, I am not writing this prayer or experience because I just
wanted to post but to help to get Baba’s blessings and your as well to resolve
my problem. I know the situation can only be handled by Baba and no one else. It’s
out of human control. I have just opened up my life to You Baba. Please help me.
I can’t stay without him. Sometimes I am too scared when opposite things
flashes. when I am writing this post also I am full of faith remembering
everything You have given and how beautiful time was when he was with me. But I
get weird thoughts as well. Baba You need to help me today! Please. I know You give
whatever each one of us deserves or work towards it and me and him are Your kids.
Only You can turn the table and make us meet again and help us to stay together
with family’s grace. I can’t see anything ahead Baba. I always pray to You that
please get me rid of my bad thoughts or anxieties. Please do Baba. I have not
written for the sake of this post, I just found this as a way to reach You. Please
bless me. I really need the positive support from everyone. Oh my Sai! Please
help me. Please take all my sadness, my worries, my anxieties. I know I am not
doing anything wrong but still I get tension. I am very small in front of You to
pass Your tough test Baba and I understand that it’s our karma of various lives
only which makes us suffer. But I pray You that You can only make me
independent of everything. Please give me opportunity to show all my prayers
and love to him myself. Please Sai maa meri help karo daata! Om Shirdivasine
Vidhamahe, Satchidanandaye Dhi Mahi, Tanno Sai Prachodyaat!

Om Sairam.

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  1. Surrender to Him and accept what He gives. You only need Him not anyone else. May He fill your lives with love and happiness.

    Jai Sairam

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