Anonymous Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Om Sairam. I’m a devotee of Baba since my childhood. Currently I work for a software firm in Chennai. Baba is there with me all along my life. I wanted to request Baba on this platform to come to my rescue as I’m facing lots and lots of struggle both physically and mentally.

I’ve fallen sick in 2016 May. Since then nothing is going fine in my life. 1)I used to be the beloved employee for my manager. Someone said something bad about me and she is not being good with me. 2) My childhood friend proposed me for marriage and betrayed me. He in turn told his mother that I only have proposed to him. I became the villain there. Even my friends knew about this and they kept on saying bad about me and tortured me with their words. 3) My marriage was fixed with another person but 1 week before engagement we came to know that he was fake. I broke again and more of it my parents also have broken down. 4) Everyone are speaking ill with me. My marriage got fixed now but still I’m not at all having good health. 5) I used to be very, very close to Baba. At every step He used to be with me. Daily I used to do His puja. I never stopped even when my health was upset. My body is not cooperating with me to do anything. Why all these Baba? Just take me to hell instead of this situation. No one bothers even if I’m dead. Please take me to You. I’m struggling to the depth that anytime I can suicide myself. Many times when I got this thought I used to control myself. But today I couldn’t control myself. I’m feeling to die. Nothing except Your leelas can help me come out of all these. I beg Your help. Please I can’t bear anymore. Please help me Baba. Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. Baba, please take care of this devotee. How can one suffer so much. Even if it bad karma, can you not override the karma and bless this devotee

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