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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee From India: Hello everyone I am from India. Thanks to the team for maintaining this page wherein we can restore our faith and still we can keep hopes that one day our problems Will be solved by Sai.

I am in love with a guy since more than a year, however the guy ditched me saying he was no more interested in me. The guy had come into my life 4 years ago and expressed his feelings to me. However I was not feeling the same and so I had rejected. But I was with him as a good friend but my guy was in love with me and he took care of me like a kid. Days passed and after 3 years he made his mind to move on from my matter since I was not accepting and he didn’t even convey his decision to me for the last time and he just went to off. That moment I realised my love towards him and expressed my love but my guy was very clear with his decision that he didn’t want to come back in my life again. That was where Baba came into my life. It has been a year and I am still waiting for my love and daily I text him, call him, beg him to be with me and I apologize for the words I had used earlier. Still no use and he conveyed me that he got other person in his life and he’ll never come back to me and asked me to marry other guy which is impossible in my life. Sai You know what’s happening with my life and You know that I am true to everyone. I never cheated anyone in my life nor did I play with any guy’s feelings till now. Please get my love back to me even though he is not meant for me and his name not there in my fate. Please write his name and make him perfect person for me and get him back Sai. I need my love with full of love, care with morality towards me. I beg You Sai. I don’t want any better person than my love. I have lost him because of my blunder. Please get him back to me and I have l left my favourite foods and I am doing parayanam and all kinds of pooja, writing om Sairam daily. I am doing everything possible. Sai help me. Whatever mistake I have done excuse those and make my love success. This is my first love and let me celebrate this Sai for that I need Your help. Nothing is impossible for You don’t betray me Sai. I have read so many experience on this blog where in people have got their loved ones back to them because of You and so even bless me also Sai. I beg You and touch Your feet, help me and keep me strong still. You are taking my test Sai. Please take but make sure you’ll help me pass this test of my life. Sai if his name is not there in fate please take my breath towards Your feet. I am happy to come, but really I want to be with him. Sai I want to come to Shirdi with him and attend arati with him. Sai help me, Sai please listen to me once. You have helped me all the times now also help me Sai it’s been more than a year that his behaviour towards me is killing. Thanks for giving me parents who are understanding and helping me in every matter. Sai I should give my wedding invitation to You. Sai I am waiting for that day soon in my life, help me. I beg You take of his character towards girls he cannot cheat me Sai. He should be only mine. He cannot be of any one else Sai. Please help me Sai. I am waiting for Your miracle in my life. I hope I will get my love back and share my experience here along with him. I am waiting Sai, come and help me. Please don’t leave my hand. You are the only hope now Sai. Bless everyone and keep everyone healthy with a peaceful mind.

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