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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Sri from USA:
I was introduced to Baba in 2002 and experienced very great miracles. During the very tough phase of my life I found this website while randomly browsing and I have posted 4 experiences till now. By watching all experiences from this website I got lot of confidence, love on Baba in difficult times.

As I told already mentioned 4 experiences and of them 3 are very great experiences. I can never forget Baba in my life.

From past 1 and half year I am struggling a lot. I am having lot of visa issues and I left the job which Baba gave it to me so as to change the city with my husband and kid. After entering into the new city troubles started for me. Financially and mentally I am struggling a lot. Whenever I see devotees’ experiences like when you will listen us something like I always thought in my mind that Baba will give solution. I have full confidence in Him. But after almost waiting for 2 years I am losing my confidence. Daily I am doing stavana Majari, Sai Baba aarti, did Sai Nav Guruvar vrat 4 times, read Baba Satcharitra 5 times, did Sai Divya Pooja, did Sai sugar candy vrat, I am member of Mahaparayan, Naam Jaap, Kasta nivaran mantra. Meanwhile I went to Shirdi also. Don’t know why Baba is giving this punishment and how many days I need to suffer like this. I am 5 months pregnant also. Every day and night I am sad and all time asking Baba why are You doing like this? Please give me a job please. I have lot of confidence on You. Please Baba, people are laughing seeing at me. Please Baba I can’t bare for more tests. I know it’s testing time; please help. Before printing my experience if I get job and healthy baby I will write my experience here and I will donate some amount. Please, please help me. I am in a very tough phase and without Your help I can’t do anything. I am feeling like You left Your daughter in one big forest and no one is there. Please come and help me Baba please. Om Sai Ram

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