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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Dear Hetalji,
I tried to post the prayer request on the blog but was not able to post. So sending mail
We are married for eight years and still childless. There were so many ups and so many downs. All that time my Sai Appa was always with me each and every second. There was one time when my hubby got away from me and I never thought he would come back. BUT SAI APPA stood with me at that time and it was a miracle my hubby came back. I write Sai namavali and before starting whatever I wish for I write in the notebook. Till now whatever I wish for Sai made it happened besides some two three wishes. But my long time wish Sai Appa is blessing us with kids. I fought with Sai Baba for so many years, still no answer from Him. Because of all the fights I faced in life, I lost the wish of my life. We want kids. why Sai Baba is testing us. I went for my medical check-up with all faith in Sai Baba. Every time I do the check-up I thought my Sai Baba is checking me and I will be getting positive results. But all results came with so many complications. I am broken now. Sai Appa only can do miracles. Sai Appa only can save me. Hetalji please pray for me. I am devotee from India.

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