Want To Marry My Love – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am 24 years old, doing job and facing lot of problems in life, asking for Baba to help me out. Please don’t share my name and email I’d if you post.
Om Sai Ram Baba! You know that I am praying to You regularly, reading Sai Satcharitra also, coming to temple, sitting and crying and asking You same thing again and again, but You are not showing any miracle. I know Baba I have committed mistakes and I have said sorry for it. Baba, please forgive me and bring back my love, SG, back into my life.

 It was from 2007 that I will get married to him but due to my mistakes, I lost a beautiful person. Nothing is impossible for You Baba. Please do some miracle, so that he himself calls me and start our relationship. Do some miracle Baba and today is Thursday even. Do some miracle. I beg You. Call three of us (SG, mummy and me) at Dwarkamaai Shirdi. You say that prayer sent to Shirdi is always accepted, then accept this prayer because I believe this prayer will be sent to Shirdi temple directly. Do some miracle, give me my 2019 gift by bringing him back, do some miracle Baba. Do some miracle. I have utter faith in You that only You can do this and no one else. You come in the dreams of Your devotes whom You love, but don’t You love me? Because You never have came in my dream. Come and bless me with what I am asking Baba. Do some miracle. Sai Baba, please do miracle. I am begging You. I also request all those people who are reading this, please pray to Baba that Baba gives me what I am asking from so long. Baba will fulfil your wishes too. Do some miracle Sai. Do it finally, bring my SG BACK in my life. Please Baba. Please. I am waiting. Om Sairam.

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  1. Sai, I may not be innocent or always correct. I do make mistakes but the torture I am faced through people has destroyed my life. I don't seem to fit to live anymore. Please help me to leave this world soon. Let everyone else be happy and lead a successful life.

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