Prayer Request To Show A Way – Sai Devotee Vanithanadarajan

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Vanithanadarajan from Malaysia : This is my third posting. Once again thanks to the Hetalji and her team.
1. First of all it was all my mistake which I didn’t listen to my mother’s words. That’s why I’m suffering now. l wanted to quit this career before this I needed to pay my bond, then only I would be free otherwise they would sue me. Please show me the right way to solve this issue and show me the right path. 2. Regarding my brother, he got scholarship in sports but he is not interested. This makes my parents to be worried. He complains that he can’t focus on his games due to his injury, so Baba please cure him and change his mind to grab the opportunity which You gave him. Lastly, Sai Baba I know You are always with me and helping me in every situation. Please show me the right path. Om Sai Ram.

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