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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from UK: I am a final Ph.D student living in the UK. My husband lives in the US and it’s been two years into our marriage with numerous misunderstandings and fights due to his over possessive mother. On his parent’s order, my husband has decided to end the marriage and we are living separately since we filed a mutual petition.
I really love my husband and I can’t imagine a life without him. He has been brainwashed by his mother as I have not been sent off to his family with a huge dowry. Moreover as I’m still studying and not working, his mother has openly said that I don’t deserve to live with her son. Though my husband didn’t want to leave me, she brainwashed him by fearing his mind that if we stay married my horoscope would cause him lose his job and also meet an early death.

They pray to a saint (I don’t want to mention the name) and his parents made one of the people from that saint’s ashram to speak to my husband. My husband is a staunch devotee of that Saint, and one of the saint’s followers told my husband to leave me and find someone better than me. I believe in Shirdi Sai and have been at His feet since 2008. I first spoke to my husband on Baba’s English Mahasamadhi date, Oct 15th. I prayed to Baba that I should get married on the 9th, and also wanted it to be a Thursday. According to my wish Baba blessed me to get married on the July 9th, Thursday. Baba even invited me to Shirdi before marriage with my wedding invitation. He constantly blessed me through the wedding preparations and even on the wedding day. Despite all these, I’m going through a very rough path in my marital life due to my mother-in-law. Being into an arranged marriage and also at a distance from my husband, it is very difficult for me to talk to my husband and make him understand my love for him. My husband was very adamant and forced me to agree for a mutual divorce as he doesn’t want to spend years in a contested divorce. I tried every possible way to convince him but all went in vain. With a heavy heart and also trusting in Baba that he would still do something and withdraw our mutual petition later, I agreed to sign the mutual divorce. After filing divorce, miraculously I had a tatkal ticket to Shirdi and I went with my mom to see Sai and help us reunite. I felt very positive while in Shirdi. We filed our petition on the 4th of Sept 2018 and our next hearing will be in the first week of March 2019. I really want devotees to pray for me and if possible take my prayers to Shirdi. Please pray that Baba changes my husband’s mind somehow and our divorce petition gets withdrawn. Om Sai Ram.

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