Baba, Please Come And Be With My Cousins – Sai Devotee Mona

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Shirdi Sai Devotee Mona from Canada: I am Mona from Canada.
Sai Ram to all the devotees of Sai Baba and the team of this amazing website for their selfless service. I can’t say I am a big Sai Baba devotee, but I am trying here by getting inspired from you all. This prayer request is for my 3 cousins, who have been leading a miserable life since past so many years. Their father(my uncle) was in business that he messed up big time, but then my uncle passed away 3 years ago and all the court issues were passed on to my cousins and my aunt (my cousins are in their 20’s) and at this age instead of enjoying life, they are fighting the court cases, saving their home. Yesterday, God just pushed everything beyond anyone’s patience and He took away my aunt all of a sudden. We are with them, everyone is trying whatever they can, but having parents is the biggest blessing of all and when that’s taken away too, there is nothing left. I humbly request you all to please pray to Sai Baba to look after my cousins and help them get settled down and find a good soulmates for my cousins. Please Lord help them, help everyone who is in desperate need of Your blessings. I bow down to You Baba. Please bless all. Sai Baba- You are the Healer, You are the Protector, You are the Redeemer and You are the Saviour.

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