Prayers To Shirdi Baba For My Career And Studies – Sai Devotee Narain

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Narain from India:
I am a small devotee from India.
Dear Sai Ram, My beloved Sai Ram first of all my humble and sincere prayers and respect to You. You are always with my family members and me. You always guide us and correct us from doing any wrong.

Reason for what I am writing this prayer request is due to my long time prayers / request to You dear Sai. Without Your blessing and approval I cannot achieve this, so I humbly request You to bless on my request and prayers. We want to visit Shirdi with my parents and my uncle’s family at the earliest. Please call us ASAP. I am in life turning period. Please give me positive sign, mental strength, inner confidence, strength to study with full concentration and I should secure 95+ in my 12th Grade and I need to successfully complete my CA and clear all stages in first attempts itself by Your grace Sairam.
I should be successful in my career and personal life. Each and every thing for me needs to be decided by You ONLY. All unwanted thoughts, behaviour, friends etc. should not reach near me. I should be great devotee of You and I should be a loveable child to all and a loving brother to my sister.

Please always bless, guide and keep us with You throughout my life. Bless him with good health. Please be with him always and guide him. I am left with less than six months for my board exams, please help me to study sincerely, with full concentration and help me remember full portion. Please, please help me to secure good academic results. Nothing is possible without Your blessing. Please Sai Papa. Regards Narain

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