Seeking Sairam’s Blessings For Better Opportunities – Sai Devotee Ramya

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Ramya from India:
Om Sairam, I am Ramya and I follow Sai Baba from childhood. His blessings and divine grace has helped me throughout.
Sairam has blessed us with all the things needed. I have never asked him for more. He has guided me in all important decisions. We are seeking for better opportunities and travel abroad. It is getting delayed and difficult. This would be a good chance for us in terms of career and education. I ask my Guru to show us the path and bless us to be successful in the same. Please Sai as always be our guide and answer our prayers. I am awaiting the day You will say “Here it is”. Sarvam Sai Arpanam.

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