Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA:
Thanks again to Hetalji and team for creating and maintaining this blog. This is like Satcharitra to all Baba devotees. I try to read the devotees’ experiences daily, it only increases my faith and tells me that I need to have patience.
I have been a Baba devotee for the past 8 years and always wished I knew Him when I was young, but glad that Baba has given me this opportunity atleast now.

Baba, You know we are going through some problems in our family, either health or bad choices made by family members. Please stay with all of us and guide us in the right direction and that we don’t make any mistakes or act bad. My daughter has met someone who is not right for her, but she is not able to recognize that. She is ready to forget us for him. We are looking out for her, but she thinks we are against her and not supporting her. Please help her understand and please help her find a good boy with good education and a good job who will take care of her well. Please make her understand that we are with her and want the best for her.

Baba, if I have promised to post something and I haven’t, please forgive me. I truly apologize for that. Please be with us and take care of my family. I am completely dependent on You Baba. Sorry if I have showed anger at You. Please help us! Om Sai Ram!

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