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Om Sairam! Couple of months back I posted my experience on this site with title “Baba Helping Me To Get Out Of Negative Thoughts”. It is yet to be published as there is always a 6 months delay approximately from the date you submit your experience.

 As mentioned, I feel very bad to get into details. At a high level, my heart is wandering away from my family to another person. I know this is very bad. That is the reason I’m taking help from Baba to get me out of this problem. I’m sure He will help me to get out of this bad and negative thoughts. I’m slowly recovering from this bad thought with the help of Baba. I know it is due to my bad Karma. One positive thing is you get closer to Baba at these tough times. If any problem comes in our life, we will end up in more and more prayers and will move more closer to Baba. At present, I’m following these things to get out of problem. Probably, it could help others as well facing any issues. That is why Baba is making me post this.

1. Reading Chapter 15 for 18 Days. End of the Chapter 15 goes like this. “He, who respectfully reads this chapter or studies it daily, will get all his miseries removed by the grace of the Sadguru Sai Baba.

2. Reading/Hearing Vaamana Avatar for 18 days. Reading/Hearing Vaamana Avatar will remove all sins you had done until that time.
3. Writing “Om Sairam” 111 times daily.

4. Praying to Baba morning and evening daily and performing Arati.

5. Keeping water for Baba daily and having the Holy Water in the morning after bath with Udi sprinkled in it.

6. Keeping Sugar for Baba and having the same in the morning after bath.

7. Keeping Dry Raisins for Baba I’m sure, Baba will get me out of this problem within 18 Days of my prayer.

Devotees, please forgive me for any mistakes if in what I have written. Baba, please forgive me for any mistakes and help me get out of this problem without any issues and problems. I completely surrender to You. Please save me. Om Sairam.

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