Shirdi Sai Devotee Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA:
I am a devotee from USA working in a software company. Thanks to Hetalji and the entire team for giving us a medium to share our sorrows and joys, prayers and experiences. Please do not reveal my name/email.

 Baba, You know for no reason I was removed from the project. The person (Naga) responsible for removing me, from the projects claims to be Your devotee. He in fact gave me a calendar of Yours when he came from India. Now he is a VP of the company and when I came to India to visit Shirdi and Tirupati, he talked to my manager and removed me from the project.

Why Baba? Is this how Your devotees behave? What did I do wrong. He somehow doesn’t like me or is jealous that I have a successful life. Baba, why is it that Your devotees behave like this? Why are you not punishing them? I want You to destroy his family, so he knows what suffering is. I know this is wrong to say, but why should he prosper and destroy my family? Naga is also blocking me from getting a job elsewhere, he in fact prevented me from joining the company too, but only miracle saved me. Baba, why do people like Naga exist? Yes they may have done lot of punyam/good karma in their previous birth, so they are successful, but that doesn’t mean they can use that to destroy other people in this birth. Is this the benefit of doing good punyam? Please help Baba.

 The only way I can survive in this company is if You make him change his mind or destroy him by giving suffering to his family so that he realizes his mistake. He has caused problems to many people in the company and some have lost jobs because of him. Why Baba? Where are You and why are You supporting such bad people? Do something Baba and destroy him mentally and physically and make him realize his mistakes. Om Sairam.

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Pooja Garg
Pooja Garg
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  1. I do not understand the story behind the situation to comment but I will comment because you posted here as you are a devotee of Sai.

    Maybe you will realize what you posted may not be right if you read the Sai Satcharitra, there are a few chapters that talk about wishing ill upon others.

    My prayers that He shower His Grace on you and yours.

    Jai Sairam

  2. I know it's not easy to take such pain caused by others & I know how painful it is to go through this as I've gone through this pain personally I've been moved frm the company/project by politics done by my manager when I visited India and confirmed my pregnancy there so I got lil delayed to return US…i requested them to take me back but he did not care to listen even…i had cried throughout my pregnancy with lot of pain but nothing…its Been 3 yrs now and I'm jobless and he is enjoying his work and life…so I had given up now is baba is seeing he will do the justice else this is life n we hav to live wit it…pls do not pray bad for others…he will face his karma for sure if not today thn tom….things do not change for anyone or anything…those who do wrong they survive and victims also survive but with pain

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