Prayer To Get College Of My Son’s Interest – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA:

I am mother with strong belief on Sai Baba. Please help my son. He is someone who cares about everyone but logical at the same time. Practical and has a gentle heart. He worked hard all his life, but many times his heart was broken. Because of us, his instructor never gave him his black belt since we owned martial art school; even though he was with them for 5 years. Not for his fault but because they thought he would be his competitor. This broke his heart and mine. But he still consoled me saying it was okay and it was no big deal and never uttered any mean words for the instructor. It was his passion. He’s my life and an adorable son. He is always there for me, when I need him. Now he goes to the best school and has worked his best for good colleges. Unfortunately for some college he went with normal decision and for two main colleges he missed it. He has two colleges coming up with decision today and tomorrow. I wish to boost up his confidence and he gets in. He believed in Baba. I want him to get in the college he wishes to since he has planned so much.

But after last week. I am so surprised and lost along with him that I am not able to give him any hope or confidence or positivity. All his friends got into their choice of college. Otherwise he will not say anything like last time. He is consoling me. I cried so much for him as he deserved it.
Please Baba this time I real need Your blessing for my son. I want him to have choice to select from colleges of his choice. He will be away from me soon. But I want him to be happy where he goes. You know what is best for him. So help and don’t break his trust on You. He waits for Thursday for any good work. But it’s his difficult time going. Not sure what will happen. But you said nothing is impossible for You. I need Your blessing. This child has done everything on his own and now when he needs You the most. don’t leave his side. Give him Your blessing and be with him always. Help him to do great things in life and be happy and successful and do good for the humanity. He should never lose his gentle nature. I promised You that I will leave something so special for me for a year in Your name. Please do the best for him. Jai Sai Ram!

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  1. Dear Devotee, I feel for you. I went thorough the same last year with my daughter. She did not get any of her choice colleges and i was heartbroken and still am. I fight and scold Baba for what he has done. My daughter went to the only college she got and is far from me. She loves the college.I dont know why Baba did this to her when she is a sweet child and helps everyone. Maybe Baba has something else in store for your son. OmSaiRam

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