Prayer To Get Married To My Love With All Blessings – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Om Sairam. I do not wish to disclose my id. I am a devotee of Baba since around 4 years. I know through Baba only miracles are possible. That’s why here I am. Thank you Hetalji and the wonderful team for this noble work which is helping people across the globe.

Baba as You know I really love this person. I tried not to think of him as he rejected my proposal due to some family reason. My parents are looking alliances and are really worried as I am reaching30. I feel as if I am not a good daughter to them and creating trouble for them at this age. But I tried. Baba it’s been one year since his rejection but I am not able to like any other guy as my heart is still into him. May be because of past karma I am suffering.

Atleast for my parent’s sake please make it happen soon. Baba it’s been really long now. It’s only You Who can bless me and forgive me for the past misdeeds and bless me with my love. Please solve his family problems and then make him accept me and with family’s consent we get married. I am sending prayers as there’s so much power in prayers also when other people pray for us too. Baba I am really left with no strength now and sometimes feel to end my life because of this pain. Please help me and make my miracle come true. Dear Team and readers I request you all, I will be grateful if you spare sometime for me and pray for my miracle too. Baba I do not believe astrologers but only You. You are only going to change my destiny and bring him to my life. Please, please Baba bless me. I again thank you Hetalji and team who are bringing light of hope in our lives. Thank you so much. Om Sairam.

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