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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA:

Hello Everyone, thanks for this blog and thank you so much for everyone who support the Devotees’ experiences blog with their experiences. Sincere thanks to Hetalji for helping us. Sai, You are the one Who make us all stand together through this group. Thank You Sai.

Recently I had a doctor visit for a problem which I get again and again. Every time before I go for the check-up I make sure to post my prayer and that has always made my visits successful without any problem. Similarly this time too things went well only because of Sai. Without Sai I couldn’t even think of the situation. Baba still there are few tests and check-up pending. Hope with Your blessings everything goes well. Make me hold You tight. Allow me to come closer to You. Make me do all my prayers and Pooja with utmost sincerity. Please I would like to spend some time of mine with You, atleast 2 minutes; even which I don’t find Baba. I regret so much for being away from You still I couldn’t make it. Please forgive all my mistakes. Bless me and my family with Your love Baba. Thank You.

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