Please Pray For My Grandmother’s Speedy Recovery – Sai Devotee Srivatsa

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Srivatsa from India: Aum Sai Ram I’m Srivatsa, my grandmother Savitri M P.
Last year, on 7th May my grandmother had a sudden brain haemorrhage and due to this, her left part of the body got paralyzed. Due to high blood pressure a nerve in right part of the brain had ruptured due to which there was internal bleeding. Then she underwent a nuero surgery due to the rupture and she lost her eye sight. Then she was unconscious for 3 months. Then she underwent tracheostomy and was in neuro rehab for a week. Then she was discharged from hospital and we got her home. Now with Baba’s grace she’s healthy and her BP is stable. But she’s unable to see and paralysis continues in her. At present she’s bedridden and undergoing physiotherapy. I request each one to please pray for my grandmother’s speedy recovery from paralysis

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