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I live in the USA with my husband and two children. I want to remain anonymous.
Dear devotees, this is more a thank You letter to our dear pujya Baba and a prayer request. This is my 9th post on this divine website where we all get Baba’s messages and feel His divine loving presence. Hetalji and team you are truly blessed!

Last Friday my daughter got her organic chemistry grade and she has done well. I along with my husband have started Baba’s naam jaap (after hearing from a devotee how she got her dream job after much struggle with Baba’s one lakh jaap) for our children’s exam results and interview for college. So jaap is very powerful. If done sincerely, it gives us our desired result. Also Satcharitra Saptah Parayana is very powerful too.

Baba, my son got his interview today to his dream school after a long, long wait. You have been guiding all through. My heartfelt gratitude at Your lotus feet Baba. Koti Koti Pranam Baba. Now I pray You to bless him for his interview and acceptance. He has gone through a lot and as parents we have gone through a lot too. But You have been with us all through Baba. I am going to pen down this experience after his acceptance for all Your children. I am waiting for that day Baba.

Baba, yesterday night again I felt very sad and depressed thinking about my daughter. Yesterday night I was happy whole day hearing to all kinds of good news but it was at 10 or 11 pm my daughter called me that her final grade came out in one of her class and she has not done well. Dear devotees I have published many experiences about how my daughter who is an undergraduate suffering for the past three and half years and yet to be blessed by our Baba. I have already published my experience how she got a failing grade in one of her classes due to some misunderstandings and finally the professor agreed to support her case. But when she appealed her case was rejected. Again we were very sad but consoled us thinking that we will re appeal once she retakes this class and does well. But today she got her final grade and has not done well. Baba, please show us the way. What do we do? Tomorrow my daughter has a very big exam. It is a very tough exam. Please be with her Baba and You write the exam for her. I surrender at Your lotus feet Baba. Also to my utter surprise my previous experience about my daughter is published today itself giving me the message that Baba is listening to me.

Dear devotees, never lose faith in Baba. He always listens to our prayers and gives us the best, but we are tested for our faith and patience. So have Shraddha and Saburi at any cost. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai! Jai Sainath!

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