Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am a lady devotee.
Om Sairam, Koti koti Pranama. Baba, please help me. You know each and everything about everyone in this world. I am continuously asking You since 22 years but Baba You are not responding. I know it is due to my past karmas but if I believed You and only worshiping You from the core of my heart then can’t You help me? Either give me any disease which can’t be cured so that I can suffer for my past karmas. Please Baba listen to me. Please do justice with me. I am helpless. Suna h aapke ghar der h andher nahi (have heard that there might be delay at Your home but no denial). Meri hamesha aapne madad ki hai. Is sankat ki ghadi se muze par lagaye Baba. (You have always helped me. Please help me cross in this difficult time)

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