Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA: Baba Cure My Child From Her Disease
My 2.5 years old daughter is suffering from rare birth defect. So I am praying Baba to save my kid and give her a healthy life.
Baba, please save my child from her rare birth defect. Give her a heathy life. Solve this permanently. You are my Mother, Father, Guru and Doctor. I didn’t have any one to help. I am surrendering myself completely on Your feet Baba. Save my kid. Let her live a happy healthy life forever like all kids.

Bless my kid with Your miracle and kind hands. We family falling on Your feet Baba. Solve all our problems. Please Baba understand my feelings as a mother I could not bear it any more. Take out all the karma, sins my baby made this life or the past life now give her a healthy and happy life. If me and my husband made any sins we fall on Your feet with tears please don’t punish my kid. Let her surgery complete successfully and let her get all heathy good life. Give her legs strength so that nothing can stop her to reach her goals. Give us parents some hope Baba. You are with us and be with my daughters too always and save them in every difficulty. Save my family Baba and save my kids. Give us happiness. I believed You always. Keep Your miracle kind hand on my baby and save her from her disease permanently. Nothing is impossible for You in this world. Save my kid Baba. I will not ask anything more than this but healthy long life for my kids. Please Baba bless my kids.

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