Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Om Shri Sainathay Namah, I’m a humble devotee from India who’s in search of her destiny and purpose of life. Thanks Baba for all support and I expect that You won’t leave my hands in the midway of the journey.

Om Shree Sainathay Namah, Oh ! Dear Baba, You know my present scenario very well. You know that how I’m struggling to get a government job. My parents are worried about my marriage and I’m worried about both of these; job and marriage. So, I’ve left this task of finding the suitable groom for me. You are the One Who can settle everything very well and I trust Your timing but at times, I get impatient because of immaturity of my vision or lack of maturity to understand Your plan. I’ve reached at an age where there’s a pressure to get settled both in personal and professional spheres. Please guide me, provide me strength to develop mental attitude and toughness to reach at the peak. I’ve immense potential within me and by Your grace, I’m always thankful to it. You’ll set everything right, I’m sure. Please give a hint to my family and me. I can’t see my parents in trouble because of me, I want to support them and I’ve not become independent yet. Please bless me and give me the strength.

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