Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA:

Baba this is prayer for my love to come back, open his heart and allow him to see me again
I am a new to Sai Baba, but resonate and seek guidance and love.

 Please Sai Baba, I pray with all my heart to open the heart of the man I was dating. I could not appreciate in gratitude what we had, was going in the right direction. I was anxious and always suffering that I was not doing things right and could not be in my skin. I demanded and pushed away, but he pulled away too. I was kind and compassionate as well and his heart would open then close. Now his heart is closed again and he says I am happy to be friends but I do not want anything more than that. I am anxious, scared and just want my love back. I want the momentum and beauty we had and I want him to realize the beautiful woman he has in front of him, please dear Sai Baba can You provide me the miracle of love to open his heart and allow him to adorn me and come back full heart to the woman he loves. Please Sai Baba I am at Your feet asking for a miracle that I am ok, at peace and once again in the arms of my love.

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