Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Hello Hetalji and Team, thanks for maintaining this site which is acting as a catalyst in the process of keeping up faith and devotion. Surely You are a lucky soul being handpicked by Baba Himself.

Dear Baba, my life is nothing without You since the day I have realised Your divine presence in my life. Not a single day has been the same after the realisation of Your presence. Now, I’ve something to hold on to even when everything crashes at its own time.

My parents have been eagerly looking for matches for me. You know it very well about the stages of arranged marriages, where there are a hell lot of steps before boy/girl get to know each other. I wanted to meet a family with liberal mindset. Somehow [because of distance issues], I met with the guy and literally I broke down inside seeing him as he was completely different from the picture I was given, I could not accept him physically, since I had no experience in relationship and all, I thought to give some time to understand him as per the views of my brother-in-law who had already met him. We were staying thousand miles apart in the era of internet and yet there was no communication, no attachment. It was as if the guy just wanted marriage and then he would start talking. I felt chocked, unloved, rejected every fraction of second, never knew that it would ever happen in an arranged marriage. I stayed in the same state of pain for year with no commitment at all.

I shifted to his city with a job of my own which was very stressful and adding to it was the non-commitment of someone whom I was about to get engaged in few days. All were causing a lot of tension and made me suicidal each passing second. I started hating and blaming myself. If expecting some minutes of call from your-would-be fiancé was a crime, it would be better if I was hanged to death for such expectation?

Whoever is reading this, please don’t enter into any state of marriage [just from the promises that guy’s family makes for keeping you happy] before being comfortable with the guy to the level of your satisfaction and don’t listen to anyone [other than the power you trust, your conscience or your heart] in this regard. The only way to know a complete stranger in an arranged marriage scenario is through communication, until unless you are sure about marrying the person, don’t marry out of hurry. Be comfortable with each other, talk, talk and talk about issues that matter. If he is matured, he won’t mind talking his mind or else let the powers to break it off before it becomes late.

During this difficult phase, my relationship with the ones with whom I lived for many years worsened like anything. There have been a lot of cases of misunderstanding. Oh! Baba, help me to forget unpleasant experiences and forgive people involved in it. Help me to know the truth and restore the relationships with my family. Wipe out unpleasant experiences and people from my memory forever. I earnestly pray, Baba! Help me to attain peace of mind and concentrate on the goal of my life.

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Pooja Garg
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  1. Om Sai Ram
    Please Bless Her
    Please Bless Us All
    Please Sai
    I hope you're fine now sister I hope you took the right decision with Sai grace
    Om Sai Ram
    Please Bless All With Sadbudhi

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