Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Please do not disclose my identity. I’m and my parents also
are Sai devotees since 2 years.

 My marriage was getting delayed; none of the proposal was accepting me because of my job. I don’t wish to leave the job since I’m working in one state. We were searching match for me in our native which is other state. Every proposal‘s groom family used to ask if I would be transferred within few months? My job is transferable but we couldn’t assure that within this date I would get it. So everyone rejected but by my Baba’s grace my marriage got fixed with such a supportive family and my husband is supportive and understands the situation. Thank You Baba.

Now I have applied for transfer to my husband’s place and it has been 6 months that I have got no information about my transfer. If we ask to the concerned department also no reply is there. I have been praying why Baba is not listening? I completed Nav Guruvar vrat twice and completed Satcharitra also. If I ask in Q & A site, I’m getting positive reply. Whenever I pray to Baba, Baba will show His presence in one or the other form. He is assuring that He is with me but why Baba, why You are not considering my prayer? Please Baba do something, let me get my job transfer to place which I have applied. I want to be with my husband, he is alone in one place and I’m alone in another place. Please Baba do some miracle. I always check on Thursdays about my transfer, please Baba do something.

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  1. Please baba please help me and my husband please do my husband job transfer please do something baba u r only choice for me please baba help me please only 5 days is there otherwise order will be canceled please please do u can’t help we are going die baba please baba help me I beg you baba

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