Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

Dear Team, I want to be anonymous and please don’t disclose my mail id. First of all I would like to thank your whole team for doing this great help for all the Sai devotees. I am a big Sai Baba devotee and I believe Sai is the only hope for my day to day life. I used to read this site everyday and the miracles shared are simply awesome and by seeing all the miracles my devotion to Sai is increasing every day. I cannot start my day without Sai and I will close my eyes by thanking Sai Baba. Every month when I receive salary I will transfer one amount first to Shirdi Sai trust for annadanam as Sai Baba always suggests us to give food for needy people. I will do this by default every month. In simple words I say Sai Baba is my everything in life. Currently I’m eagerly longing for 2 happenings which is affecting me and my family a lot. I kindly request to consider my prayers and help me in overcoming this tough situation. Om Sai Ram!

Prayer 1: I am from South India and currently working in Bangalore. I am a big Sai Baba devotee; I believe Sai Baba is my only hope ever in my life. Currently I’m working in an IT field for last 3 years. The job where I am working is not satisfactory and I am facing severe financial problems every month. I have been longing for better job than this for almost last one year and I am unable to get my dream job yet. I have done all the prayers, 9 weeks vrat, completed reading Sai Satcharitra 3 times and currently I’m reading for 4th time. Every day I will read Sai Satcharitra, atleast one page. I am eagerly waiting for my dream job in my dream company and I don’t know why Sai is holding this dream. Getting my dream job in this situation is like life changing moment for me and I’m eagerly begging my Sai every day. I kindly request the team to please take this prayer to Shirdi and get my dream job. Om Sairam!

Prayer 2: My second prayer is about my brother’s marriage, as I have one elder sibling who is 29 years old. We both were bought up with single parent as my father passed away before 9 years and we both were raised up by our mom’s guidance. My mom is very calm and she is a very sensitive person. We are sincerely searching for a good alliance for my brother since 2018 and we have not received single alliance with clear marriage matching. We are from lower middle class family and there are no expectations from our side. This marriage obstacle for my brother is creating big pain for my mother as she is very sensitive and she is feeling too much every day. I kindly request the team to take my prayers to Shirdi and bring us good results with Sai Baba’s blessings. Om Sairam!

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Pooja Garg
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  1. Dear Friend,
    I am happy to see your trust and love on Sai. He is there with us all the time and he will give us best which really helps our future.

    Baba knew which company and which job and at what time you should change new job, so just leave it to him and move on to your present work. Surely when correct time comes you will get good job automatically beyond your imagination. Trust me it is one of my personal experience, we don't understand his Leela’s but he is working hard for us day and night.

    Regarding your brother marriage, at present culture everyone is getting married little bit late. Don't get tensed about it and instead of doing marriage on immediate basis and getting problems after marriage it's better to have patience and search slowly. This also leave it to baba and move on, surely at right time he will decide what is best for your brother.

    Among all those we should face our prarabdha karma certain period, so just leave it to baba and start living peacefully in present situations. When baba steps in he will remove our past bad karma and give us safe and happy life, only thing we need to do is having sradha and saburi on him.

    All the best, start seeing +ve in everything and be happy.

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