Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from Seychelles:

Om Sairam I am an orphan looking for Baba’s blessings always.
Om Sairam I know You are always there for us and always care for us. Sairam forgive me. Sairam I don’t have anyone other than You. There is nothing in this world that is going to give me happiness. When I take care of my kid Sairam I always felt that You are inside her .Sairam forgive me I know I don’t have any eligibility to stand in front of You even for a prayer. I accept all my karmas. Give me whatever punishment You wish for that, I will accept it.

Sairam please I unable to bear the pain of losing my kid. I beg to You take all my upcoming life to suffer. I will accept that. Please Sairam don’t leave me like an orphan. With You I will never hurt my kid. Sairam give me a chance to tell this world how much my kid means to me. Sairam I will share that to everyone. Sairam imagine how much happy those three souls will be. Sairam I am valuing them a lot. Sairam my parents don’t like them, not even one percent. Sairam I am scared a lot and nervous. I can’t be without my kid Sairam. You only told me that there is no one in this world to care her like I do. Sairam You know I love that Amma, truly I will care for them same like my parents. You know I will give them a lot of respect all my life. It’s all based on your grace Sairam. I get that care from her. Don’t leave me Sairam. I don’t even know how to bear that kind of loss in my life. Sairam it will give me complex that not even eligible to show true care. From college itself my complex is killing me a lot every moment. Sairam that chance is the only thing that cured my complex. My God itself come down and give me confidence through her.

Sairam it’s You only and no one else. It pains me a lot every moment. Sairam I hope with Your blessings we will recreate a good asset from that money. Sairam give me a chance to help some people Sairam. Sairam I am constantly crying inside. Sairam in my life I never achieved anything. Sairam I am a poor student who wasted his career and because of that my parents hate me and they are ashamed because of my bad career choice. Sairam they told me that I don’t deserved to get married to my choice. I’m a complete failure In my life. This has made me hate myself a lot. Sairam why that care is fake? Sairam my God You want me to give some confidence and make me beautiful through her that’s what I believed when You showed me true care. Sairam my humble request till my last breath that I will be affectionate on my mom and kid, give me a chance or take me with You by giving me cancer. I am unable to bear this pain. Sairam forgive if said anything inappropriate. I am an orphan.

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