Please Fulfil My Heart’s True Desire – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from US:

Hi Hetalji. Thank you for this wonderful blog that lightens peoples’ day when they are hopeless. Baba has led you to conduct such a fruitful venture and I’m sure He is very proud of you. Please keep me anonymous and do not share my e-mail. Thank you. Om Sairam.

Dear Baba, Today I am feeling so down and hopeless and You are the only person I can share why I’m feeling this way with. Sai, I’ve been Your devotee for so long and since a young age, You’ve held my hand through any calamities. Baba, now that I am somewhat grown You brought me back to You and I know that without You, this past year and a half almost would have been unbearable. Yes, it was painful but I’m still alive and that’s only because of You.

Sai, today on 10/24/2018 I pray to You wholeheartedly once again to fulfil my wish. Please bring me and H back together. It truly feels like for the past year, I’ve been wishing for the impossible. But Baba, prayers are supposed to move mountain. Faith in You is the key to achieving the impossible. You are my Father of miracles. Baba, please go against all odds and bring us back together. Please direct me on how to achieve this wish Sai. Don’t let me fade away from You. Please achieve this wish for me. Even if H is not in my destiny, please alter it. I only pray for H, Sai. Against all odds, even though I feel this is so impossible, please prove me and everyone wrong and fulfil this wish of mine. Direct me on how to fulfil this wish Baba. I really need Your help. You alone know how my heart aches. Please Sai. Against every impossibility, there You must stand and shine and show me a way. Show me the light in this darkness. Don’t allow my fears to overcome my faith. I am Your daughter Baba. As You did 10 years ago, please take my hand and guide me again. I feel stuck. Please Baba. I love You. I love H. Show me the way. Om Sairam.

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