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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:
I kindly request prayer for my sister and her family’s well being.
I kindly request each of you to have my sister in your prayers. My sister lost her husband at a very early age of 24 and has been fully devoting her life to bring up her son as a well mannered individual. He was brought up with great values and used to respect elders. He got married 7 years back and has 2 kids now.

 In the recent years, he has been totally disrespecting his mother and has got into all bad habits of drinking and hanging out with friends. He is not carrying out his responsibilities and is not caring for his mother, wife and kids as well. She has not been well and is trying hard to take care of the family due to health issues. Now her daughter-in-law’s parents have started to keep complaining about her son’s character and how he is shedding off his responsibility and not taking care of the wife and kids.

He is currently using a lot of bad words, not spending time with the family and not taking care of his health as well. His eating habits, sleeping habits and discipline has all gone for a toss. He is not listening to anyone at all and trying to criticize my sister in front of everyone and does not respect her or take care of her. When she is not well, he is not even ready to take her to the hospital but is spending time with friends in partying. He has been abusive in words and stating that due to work pressure he has got into drinking. He is threatening to get into drugs as well if we say anything further. My sister is totally broken down seeing her son become like this as he was very well mannered and disciplined.

Kindly request each of your prayers so Baba is able to show her son some good path where he understands his mistake and quits the bad habits and becomes a responsible person carrying for his mother, wife and kids. It would be of great help if each of you can keep this in your prayers. Thanking each of you for your prayers. Om Sairam! Please help us overcome this situation

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