Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee:
Sairam. Hetalji and the wonderful team.

Baba You know how much I love You. I am all the time looking at Your picture on my phone or picture on the wall. Can’t imagine a second without Your blessing. I feel fortunate to know your immense power of your blessings. Baba today is Thursday. I am writing this prayer on the most auspicious day as I am observing fast for the same request.

Baba, please make my husband healthy and give him a full time job. He is a hardworking and honest man but he doesn’t know how to impress others. So Baba without Your blessings he cannot find a permanent job. With lot of courage, he is planning to resign from the current job. Please Baba bless him with a good permanent opportunity. I know You can create miracles and pave way for Your disciples. Please Baba we are all looking forward to Your blessing and reducing the stress we are going through right now.

Baba, please bless my son so that his skin problem, eye sight and height issues are resolved. Bless him to be nice, humble, believe in You, smart, intelligent and take interest in studies, study hard honestly. Please Baba bless him that he does so well in his tests that he gets admitted in the best school in the area and thrives the competition. Baba I know Your power to change the impossible to possible. Not much time is left but I have faith in You that You can change his inner and outer strengths to get admission in this good school.

Lastly, Baba I would like to thank You that my Mamogram came negative. It is all Your blessing else I wouldn’t have much hope. Baba please bless me so that acute back pain and knee pain I am going through is cured. Please Baba rectify my slip disc and knee issues.

Baba please find suitable groom for my cousin. Baba we all are looking forward to You to bless her to have a happy married life. She is also Your ardent devotee. It’s getting very late Baba. Please, please Sai do Your magic. Baba I want to thank You for taking care of my mother, brother and papa.

Thank You Sai Baba for everything. I pray that my faith in You always keeps increasing and I should lead my life happily and confidently under Your blessings.
Jai Sairam Jai Sairam Jai Saira.m
A Devoted Sai Bhakt.

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