Cure My Dad’s Illness And Sister’s Pregnancy – Sai Devotee Sri Vidya

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Sri Vidya from India:

I am a Baba’s devotee stuck with lot of disturbances in the family all of a sudden and need His blessings.
Baba, till now in my life I am able to overcome any problem because I feel always three strong people are there behind me. It’s You, dad and sister.

Now all of sudden, dad is having heart problem. Sister is pregnant but always falling sick badly and disturbed.
And You became silent. So what shall I do now? I keep praying, praying and being confident that You will fix all our problems and we will be happy forever. I was so confident That You will save us. Dad’s surgery was done but after surgery immediately surgeon complained so badly that dad’s heart vessels were so unhealthy and brittle. What does that mean? Did they fix the problem or is there still some life threatening problem? I am so scared Baba. Please don’t say that he still has health problem. Tomorrow follow up appointment is there. I wish doctors this time say “Everything normal and life style changes and medication will help fix everything for my dad to be completely healthy.”

Please Baba I don’t know what to do other than praying You. Come back Baba, be with me as before and always.

 Sister’s health – My sister is also pregnant and has got fever and flu. She went to ICU and back and forth health problems to her. My brother- in- law also has got flu. They are unable to cook. No friend’s help. I am so scared about her health and baby’s health. I wish sister and baby don’t get any health complications.

Baba, I don’t know what to do other than praying You. Please Baba be with me like before. I can’t imagine my life without Your support, blessings and miracles.
Love You Baba. Bless us Baba. Hold us in Your protective hands Baba. I am alone and scared, holding the sadness in my neck. Only with Your blessings, all the black clouds go away and we will get sunlight. Baba, bless us Baba. Don’t leave us. Please shower Your blessings.

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  1. Baba, please bless Srividya's family. Take care of her father and sister. let her sister get well and deliver a healthy baby. Om SaiRam

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