Please Help To Reunite Asha And Johny Back – Sai Devotee Srivalli

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Srivalli from USA:

I’m basically from India
Hi Baba,
Please help to reunite Asha and Johny back and live happily as they are not happy in their married life and about to go for divorce in few months. They are married for nearly 25 years and now the guy is in relationship with a new girl from past 5 years. The new girl is cheating him and using him for money but he is not able to recognize it. Please help him to come out from that girl trauma and help to reunite both back again. I request every one pray for him to get reunite with Asha and prove that she is true wife and prove that new girl is not fit for him and live happily with Asha.

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