Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I am a student from Uttarakhand and a Sai devotee since school.
Baba help me Baba. Help me save my family and bring peace in my family. Baba I want You to be close to me Baba. While I am writing You this prayer I am imagining myself laying low on the grounds of Shirdi and pouring my heart out to You without saying a word.

Baba help my sister give her strength to fight her fears, make her confident and bold, help her make the best choice, make her a brave heart person. She has already lost 3 precious years of her student life, now guide her Baba. Hold her hand and help her choose the right path without her getting affected mentally. She is a soft child. She keeps losing people who once used be her friends, they cheat her, talk bad behind her back and blame her for things she has not done. My sister is losing her peace Baba. Now she is mentally and physically weak. Everyone taunts her. She is hurt. I introduced Your grace to her. Now she is in Your hands. Treat her Baba, I want her trust on You to double. Help her Sai. Make her strong mentally and physically.

My mother knows how much I am into You and Your leelas Sai. She supports me. She has struggled throughout her time. I don’t want her to struggle or live in misery any further. I want her to be healthy. Please take her worries away. She always feel bad for raising her kids (sister & I) in an abusive family. She is always worried about us. She has seen a lot of hardship and worked so hard to keep her marriage that a normal person would have not normally survived. Still she smiles and has raised us to be respectful towards people who never respected her once, who gave her a hard time. But now she is worried for my sister. When my sister cries she tries so hard to calm her down by motivating her but nothing helps. She is worried about my sister’s health, her job and her marriage. Please Baba bless my mother. Provide her Your love and grace.

Help my dad improve his relationship with family. Help him get involved in the family and choose best for my mother, sister and me. We love him but he is no where to be found when we need him. He is never satisfied with us. I miss my dad’s love and presence.

Bless my grandparent, parents, sister, aunt and rest of my relatives with good health and peace of mind.

Baba we have everything we need but nothing we are enjoying. I want to enjoy life. I want to make my parents proud. I want to see my sister happy and my family healthy and happy. Baba only You can take us out of this situation. We might have done wrong in our past and we have taken the misery so far but not now. Baba I want this to come to an end now. I want to live happily with my family. Guide us Baba. Bless us. Call us go Shirdi. Show them Your miracle. Nothing is impossible for You Baba.
My family needs You Baba.
Love You Baba
Come to us now.
Forgive us.
Bless us. Om Sairam!

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  1. Baba, please bless this family. Make the dad realize his duty as a husband and father and become a pillar of strength for the family. Take care of the sister. Baba, why do people hurt each other, speak ill behind peoples back. Please help this girl Baba and give her a happy life, so the mother can be happy too. Please bless the devotee praying for his family. OMSaiRam

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