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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from Singapore:

Om Sairam, I have been trying to conceive for close to 2 years now.
Sai, I know You have set me on the path of developing my faith and patience in You. In this journey of struggling to conceive, I have learnt a lot more about myself, and how to be more emphatic towards others. Most importantly, I have learnt to trust Your plans.

You gave us a glimpse of hope last September, where we conceived, only to lose it as a chemical pregnancy. I understand Your reasons for that, as my thyroid level was not in the optimal range to conceive. Worse things could have set on, if that pregnancy did actually pull through.

I believe You set the path for me to start rebuilding my body for motherhood, now the gynac is ready to discharge me as my thyroid level is stabilized. However I am still waiting for Your intercession in letting us conceive happy and healthy little blessings.

Through the tough times, my husband have always told me to keep the faith. Please bless us with the strength to continue having the faith and patience in Your plans for us.

I pray for all mothers who are trying to conceive as well, give us the strength and little bundle of joys in our lives.

Every woman is deserving of motherhood. Om Sairam.

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