Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:
Pranam Hetalji,

I am Baba’s devotees since long and always look up to Him for big or small. Baba today is Thursday, the most auspicious day. Baba I beg at Your lotus feet to provide my husband a satisfying job which he has been trying but without success. 

For 3 months, he took leave without pay but did not get any job. Baba without Your blessing, nothing is possible. Please Baba, he is going to be 50 years. He will not get any job after this age. He is very stressed and tensed. Time is ticking fast please do miracle and get him a job which is not stressful but satisfying where he doesn’t have to work in the night but only during the day. He is a very simple, hard working and a honest person. 
Please Baba show Your chamatkaar(miracle). You are our only hope. He has severe allergies which leave him totally tired. Please bless him that he is physically and mentally energetic and all his allergies and other ailments disappear. Your pious hands can eliminate any kinds of ailments.
Baba writing for Your blessings.

Jai Sai Ram,
Your Child. 

Pooja Garg
Pooja Garg
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