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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India:

I’ve completed My Bachelor Degree from Telangana, Warangal. I’ve believed Sainath for many years and I do reading of randomly chosen chapter per day from Sai Satcharitra in my lifestyle. 

I’m feeling annoyed to face my money problem from Dhamoder. He used to give us old balance 11,000. Then I gave him 40,000/- to said stories with me for his paying credit card due amount of 50,000 limit. He said that EMI instalment worth 7,800/- was debited from available 10k after I had paid 40 k from 50k in his credit card. Then we together went to petrol bank to draw those available 40k for 2% Interest. At last, we got 39k into hands. Then the person took 4 k for paying his house rent etc. and he asked me again for those remaining 35k where he could get 2 lakhs. It means I gave him my 35k amount to pay for others. Then he said that I could get 50k debit cleared from those given him 2 lakhs for me. At last, he didn’t get any money where he paid those 35k for others. Now, I’ve given 40k and 11k old debit balance also gone for getting return from him. He said lots of escaping stories up to 5 months in between these days. 
Later, he shifted to Hyderabad from Warangal and is staying in a tenant house for becoming debtor much with friend circle. Now, he isn’t lifting my call since 7 months till present to get all those given money back from him.

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