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Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I’m a post graduate student from India.
I am in a relationship with someone who moved to Canada a couple of years back. We are in Love but I don’t think that my parents would accept that me going to Canada and even my partner doesn’t wants to settle here. Currently I’m pursuing my post graduation degree and will be out for practice. 

The issues that I’m facing here are:

1. How would I convince my parents about him.

2. Is it possible for him to understand that it’s again difficult giving an exam in Canada after post graduation and settling there. I would be a burden on him and my parents again. We already have a loan for my PG. 

How should I go ahead with this and what do I do?
My relationship with my parents is also not that open to discuss about all these things.
With all this going in my head it’s really difficult to concentrate on my studies.
I don’t want any more of rough patches with anyone not even in my relationship and not even with my parents.

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