Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am a Sai devotee who is struggling to complete my studies.
Dear Baba,
You have blessed me in many facets of life. With an inflated sense of ego, I have told You that I will take care of my studies while You take care of my personal life.
While You have handled my personal life beautifully, I’m not able to handle my studies. I am desperate Deva. I’m not able to enjoy the lovely personal life You have blessed me with due to my ongoing education. It has been a really long time and I am floundering. I am also causing a lot of inconvenience and pain to my family. Please Deva, please grant that I complete my studies and move on to the next phase of my life. 

Dear members of Baba’s family,
I am struggling to complete my studies due to which my family life is on hold. I have been married for almost two years but we have not been able to start our family due to my ongoing education. Earlier I begged Baba to get me married to the person that I wanted and told Baba that I will handle my studies myself. While Baba got me married to the person of my choice, I have been unable to complete my education. This is putting a huge strain on my marriage as well on my interaction with parents and in-laws. I feel worthless, like there is no reason for me to wake up in the morning. Now I am completely on my knees begging in front of Deva and repenting for my ego.
I request you all to please pray to Deva that I complete my education successfully and move on to the next phase of life with some confidence. May He bless you all.

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